Thursday, July 10, 2008

Africa is a continent

There has been a steady flow of e-mails and comments stating this obvious fact to me. I also know that South Africa is a country, and that it is very well developed and much different from the rest of the continent (Africa). Having grown up in Western Europe, I did learn geography.

Could somebody please explain to me why they think that I was saying Africa is a country? I have looked over the IVF post and my own comments on it, and not found any instance of me referring to Africa as a country.

Also, the woman I was using as the bad example is, as I very well know, from the country of South Africa. But I purposefully did not mention that in the original post because I didn't want geographically challenged people to think it related to the story about cheap IVF procedures offered to poor countries in Africa. Where this woman lives has no bearing at all on whether or not IVF is right or wrong. The connection between the two stories in that post was IVF, not the fact that they took place under very different circumstances on the same continent. Obviously, a wealthy white woman from South Africa is not undergoing humanitarian-aid sponsored IVF.

So please, someone leave me a comment quoting me where I referred to Africa as a country, or South Africa as a continent. If I did, I will admit that I misspoke in carelessness (since I am not actually ignorant of the facts that Africa is a continent and South Africa a country) and will give you all the satisfaction of posting your comment to correct me.


  1. "Infections" is a nice way to say that these women have been rendered infertile by the STDs that run rampant in Africa, diseases that would almost certainly be passed on to the babies created through IVF. Sure, I feel bad that people live in a country where they were probably infected by their own parents, but do we need to continue that cycle of disease through sponsored IVF procedures?

  2. And your point being? Did you know that every person on the continent of Africa lives in a country? Where did I say that Africa is a country in that sentence???

  3. zsuzsanna,

    I was reading your original post to see if I could find the "Africa is a country" thing (I do not believe you implied that), and I saw this: "Well, our taxes are paying for condoms, vaccines, abortions, and now IVF." I was just curious about the vaccines part - I can see why you would not want to fund abortions, condoms or IVF, but could you explain about the vaccines? Thanks.

  4. Janna,

    thanks for your vote of confidence on the Africa issue. I seriously doubt there is any person living in America who thinks that there is a country called Africa. My guess is that people were trying to find something to attack because the facts of IVF are clearly not in their favor.

    As far as vaccines go, this is a very complex and lengthy issue. I have been planning a post on it in the near future, but have not had the time to write it. A lot of information both for and against vaccines can be found online, and there are many books available at the library. I am sorry, but I will have to wait to answer your question until I get that post written and published, simply because my time is so limited.

    Thank you for your interest anyway.

  5. Hi. Regardless of anything else, I would just like to say that your children are adorable.

  6. Angela,

    Thank you. I tend to agree! :)

  7. I can't wait for your view on vaccines - and I agree, your children are adorable :-)

  8. Ewan,

    Thanks. I am hoping to write about it before our summer break is over in early August. In the meantime, I would encourage you to do your own research. I will be adding a link in the column to the right with vaccine information.

  9. It seems people take you to task for anything and everything. They just want to pick a fight. How annoying.

  10. Many vaccines are created using cells taken from babies who have been killed.

    Of course, it's not called that - they are called fetal stem cell lines.

  11. milehimama,

    Thanks for your comment. That is one of my many objections to vaccines, although it is surprising how few people know that the viruses used to manufacture the vaccines are grown on fetal tissue.

    I have heard that some pro-lifers request vaccines made from viruses that were instead cultivated on other substances (such as chicken embryos). These vaccines tend to cause more allergic reactions, though.

    I'll pass on both!

  12. I could be mistaken, but didn't you post at some time a more general statement about your aversion to vaccines?


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