Monday, June 2, 2008

Sugar high

Last month, a Krispy Kreme branch opened in Arizona. They used to have them everywhere here but I guess they all went out of business a few years ago during that crazy "low carb" fad diet. Anyway, we finally have Krispy Kreme back, and I don't have to go on business trips to California with my husband any more to get my fix. Never mind that the branch is 14 miles from my house (one way) and that gas is $4/gallon. One night last week when I felt like I deserved a treat I figured it would be cheaper than driving to CA, so I loaded up the kids and made the drive just for a dozen donuts.

Another justification was that it did serve an educational purpose because one of the walls to the bakery is made of glass and you can watch the whole process from start to finish.

The kids liked the Krispy Kreme paper hats almost as much as the donuts, and were pretend playing with them for days after. They all ate way too many donuts and were really hyper by the time we left, but it was great fun.

And in case you were wondering - as far as donuts go, this place is one of your best choices. No preservatives, no hydrogenated fats (unlike Dunkin Donuts). But then I don't think that there is such a thing as a healthy donut, just the lesser of two evils. But hey, a couple of times a year won't kill you (I hope!).

Warning: Watching this clip may leave you with a serious headache! Or stomach aches from laughing. This in NOT how the kids usually act in public - blame it on a bad combination of too much sugar, the fact that this was about an hour past their usual bedtime, and that they are boys, after all.


  1. That video really IS funny. Its just great. Pure sugar running through their veins! God bless them all!

  2. I didn't know there were donuts that didn't have hydrogenated oils. I can't eat that much sugar in the morning, but I love eating donuts late at night.

  3. We have a Krispy Kreme literally across the street from our office building. (And coincidentally, beside the Arkansas Heart Hospital. Ha!)

    I was always a fan of the Burger King crowns as a kid. I'm not sure if they even still make them, but it'd be a shame if they didn't.

  4. I loved seeing those pictures of the kids. They were very hyperactive, but it looked like they had a wonderful time. I am sure they would have been much more hyperactive if you had let them drink Mountain Dew with caffeine. :) Sprite is the best soda to give to kids since it has no caffeine.


  5. That was soooo cute!

    I do have question, Do plan on teaching the kids your native language? By the way, your English is excellent, not a trace of accent at all.

  6. Ha Ha! Cute video.

  7. :):) they look normal to me:):)

  8. Teraza,

    Thanks for reminding me of all these cute clips tonight! I think it's time to hit Krispy Kreme again - oh, wait, I am trying to lose the baby weight.

  9. ha ha....just once wont kill ya! Take pictures though for your next post:):):)


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