Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photo update

If you combine yesterday's post with today's pictures, it will actually make some sense.

First, here are some photos from our church camping trip.

One of the ladies who has been coming to our church for a long time brought her grandson with her on the trip because he was visiting with her from California. He got saved and baptized at camp. His favorite game quickly became "Bible Trivia" and he would go around for hours asking people trivia questions. He also came to church with his grandma tonight.

We played several other games, and enjoyed lots of preaching and singing around the camp fire. Most of us went kayaking at a nearby lake, which is also where we had the baptism.

Second, there are no pictures of me at my citizenship ceremony because my husband was videotaping it instead. I have no clue how to get that file off his camcorder, nor do I know if it came out o.k. because he was sitting at the opposite end of the giant auditorium. But here are some pics of the boys, and some from the restaurant that we had lunch at to celebrate. Notice Miriam's pouting face in the last picture after her Daddy told her "No!" about something. Typical girl!!!

Today, the kids and I went to the Arizona Science Center in the morning. Their newly remodeled planetarium was great, and best of all it's free for members (which we are). There are no pictures of our trip, though.

My husband's mom is coming to visit tomorrow afternoon. She is a flight attendant and has a layover in Phoenix until Friday morning so the kids and I will get to spend the afternoon with her. Unlucky for me, my husband forgot to tell me that she was coming until late this afternoon, so now I still have to clean the house, mop, and do all the things you do before your mother-in-law comes to visit (he, of course, had known for days).

The pregnancy is going well, although I am definitely starting to be more fatigued again as I approach the third trimester. I can feel the baby move a lot, which is always fun. My guess is it's a girl but we won't find out until the birth. I was in for a huge surprise this week when a HUMONGOUS box with gifts for the baby arrived at the house a couple of days ago from a family who listens to the sermons online. Thank you very much again!

I guess I really should go clean now... :(


  1. Is that an african mask in the background? lol Unfortunately we just can't get away from everything.

    Looks like lots of fun on the camping trip. That is great!

  2. Chris,

    yes, that's how the box arrived, but all the contents were in perfect condition. I have had boxes show up looking MUCH worse. Thank you so much again!!


    I think it's one of those Hawaiian/island theme masks. It's so annoying how anywhere you go, there are TVs, or blaring music, or waitresses in low-cut tops, etc.

  3. Hello Zsuzsanna,

    I'm sorry. It wasn't my intent to make public the sender of your package, but it does anger me that it arrived in such shape. Knowing the local postal employees it probably left Little Rock looking like that! I'm going to delete my original comment as I feel that's the right thing to do.

  4. Oh no, please don't. I wasn't sure if you wanted your name to be known or not, so I left it out - but not because I care either way.


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