Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our new school room

Done! I have finally finished turning my husband's former office into our new school room. Below are some pictures of the finished product - I spare you the "before" photos! These are four pictures of all four sides of the room. Hopefully they give a good idea as to how the room looks.

The first picture is what you see when you walk through the open doorway that goes from the kitchen to the school room. It has one of my two bookshelves on the far left, then Isaac's and Solomon's desks, and their music table.

If you turn from the doorway to the left, you see my two bookshelves. The one on the left holds mostly teaching books, but the second and third shelves from the top are for my cookbooks. The very top shelf is for presents that need to be mailed out. (Raani, there's one up there for every member of your family... I forgot to send them with Steve when he came to visit last week and am kicking myself about that.) The bookshelf on the right has miscellaneous activity books, flashcards, learning games, manipulatives, school supplies, kits, and (the kids' favorite) a Jelly Belly Machine for rewards. Most of our craft supplies we use are kept in a special craft closet, as are the craft books. The small brown desk is John's. The door goes to the bathroom and laundry room.

If you turn from the doorway to the right, you see my desk. In the shelves above I store all of our board games and puzzles. I got the copy machine on the left for free off freecycle or craigslist and have very much loved having it.

Finally, this is the wall/doorway that separates the kitchen from the school room. It pretty much just holds the chalkboard which at 4x8 ft is pretty large. This was another bargain - I bought it for $1 from our school district's surplus (retail value about $250), which is also where I bought all the desks and chairs in the school room for $1 each. I have no clue why they were selling any of these items and replacing them with new ones because they were all in PERFECT condition. But money is no object for the government, and for once I got to benefit from that.

Isn't it nice?!? I just love it. Even as a child I loved pretend-playing school with my brothers and friends. Now I do it every day for real.

Expect more posts on homeschooling over the summer, as it is naturally on my mind a lot this time of year. In my next post on the subject, I will be dissecting a very dumb letter by a pastor explaining all the reasons why homeschooling is wrong, and my responses to his points - which are the typical ignorant arguments people bring forward against homeschooling. Hang tight!


  1. Wow! You have quite the facility!

    I have a feeling I know who the letter is from and can't wait to read it! I've heard about it, but didn't know what it said.

  2. Thanks, I love it, too!

    I have a feeling that you have the right feeling.... I just got my hands on it this week and it was quite funny. Even if I were not a believer in homeschooling I would be after that letter. Seriously! It will have to be after the camping trip, though.

  3. I really don't understand why a pastor would be against home schooling. Was this pastor Baptist? I have a number of friends who were home schooled. In fact, one of my friends was home schooled from K-12th grade. She will be 27 in July. My friends who were home schooled are successful. There are so many advantages of home schooling.


  4. I don't understand why anyone who took a honest look at the school system would want to bash homeschooling. At the very least parents who homeschool are keeping their children from becoming a crime statistic ( Columbine, Virgina Tech).
    Also with all the lies that are taught, evolution, rewritten history, etc. I don't understand how anyone can defend the public school system.
    A pastor saying homeschooling is wrong? Wonder what version of the Bible he's been reading? PCV ? Politically Correct Version?



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