Saturday, June 7, 2008

Living the rough life

The nice thing about my husband's "secular" job is that sometimes we get to travel with him. On Thursday he asked me if I wanted to go to California with him, which was really just his way of letting me know that after only having been home 4 days in the last 2 weeks, he had to go out of town AGAIN. Unlucky for him I took him up on the offer because I had heard that Magic Mountain (the big theme park in SoCal) was having some awesome deals.
My husband, who didn't have time to spend a whole day at the theme park with us, instead had the ingenious idea of booking us into a fancy resort. He did it on priceline and we got the room for a lot less than the regular rate. To say it was posh is a major understatement! The valet service at the front door was $22 for one car, and I think we were the only people I saw the whole time who did NOT use it. The whole place was a palace of shining marble.

We got there on Thursday night and just all crashed. While my husband spent Friday working in L.A., I stayed at the resort with the kids who had fun playing on the waterslide and in the pools while I got to sit down and do nothing for hours, just watching them from a deck chair. We went upstairs to our room for a nap when all the other people in their underwear started coming out. I predicted that since it was Friday they would soon all take off to their dinner parties, leaving their one precious child at the on-site childcare facility, and let us have the pools to ourselves again. Sure enough, when we went down again in the late afternoon the place was empty and the kids got to splash for several more hours. It made them nice and tired, so I actually got to hang out with my husband when he got back from work late on Friday night.

My prediction for Saturday morning was that those same fancy people were probably hung over from the night before and would not be down swimming first thing in the morning, and again I was right. The boys again went on the water slide for about an hour, while I worked on my lesson plans for next year in the deck chair.

When we were leaving around noon, Solomon announced that he always wanted to stay at "the Hyatt" from now on. On the way home we stopped at Round Table Pizza for lunch, which in and of itself is worth a trip to California. Tonight the kids built a replica of the resort from Legos complete with water slide and all and pretended that they were still there.

It was a really nice end to our school year, which was officially over yesterday. I still have to make the treats for Isaac's little graduation party tonight, as well as do a ton of laundry and cleaning.

I knew I was back to reality tonight when I heard a blood-curdling scream from the bedroom, followed by long silence (i.e. "silent scream" which means that the screaming child is forgetting to breathe and is on the verge of passing out). This is not that uncommon of a sound in our house since there are three little boys living here, but it sounded serious enough for me to go back there immediately. I found John laying face-down on the tile in the hall, blue in his face and almost passed out from said "silent scream", with Solomon trying to console him and Isaac hopping on his toes nervously and almost crying (the giveaway to who the culprit was). When I scooped John up I immediately noticed a HUGE goose egg just above his left temple. A major artery was running right across that spot and was bulging and visibly pulsating. I think if it had popped I would have had to call an ambulance to have them stop the bleeding. Apparently, John had put on one of my husband's ties and had also wrapped it around his whole body because it was so long. Isaac thought it would be funny to grab the tie and pull on it, which in essence strangled John (who was running) and jerked him face first onto the tile floor. John could have broke his nose, been strangled, had his neck broken, fractured his skull, and/or popped that big fat artery. Never mind that I have lectured my kids over and over about never wrapping anything around your neck, and never to pull on anything that people had wrapped around their neck. It was scary even for me who usually stays pretty calm. John's head looked a lot better when he went to bed tonight, but I think both him and Isaac will be sore for the next few days - one on his head and one on his bottom.

From my experience, boys are VERY different from girls. They don't learn. If they get hurt doing something stupid once, they will keep doing it over and over again. Miriam is smart enough to not even try things that seem dangerous, let alone repeatedly do something where she gets hurt. For example, if she spills water, she will go the the bathroom, grab a towel, and then go clean up the spill because she remembers slipping and falling before - and she's only 15 months old. The boys, on the other hand, would think it was funny to keep sliding down the wet tile. They would add more water to make it funner, and maybe even some soap to really get things going (I speak from experience). It would all be fun and games until one of them fell and almost killed themselves. Which would mean they would stop the game for that day only, and forget it ever happened the next time one of them spilled some water.

So if you are expecting a girl, count yourself lucky. If you are having a boy, don't even bother baby-proofing the house - they will find a way to get hurt every day regardless.


  1. I understand your need for modesty(in yourself & wish for others) but I'm offended that you call swimsuits underwear & assume that parents who are vacationing are leaving their kids w/ child care folks & staying up drinking, therefore can't get up in the morning.

    When we vacation, we wear a 1 piece suit...all of us. We stay up late watching movies together, playing games together, building each other up. We sleep in because IT'S VACATION. We do OTHER THINGS besides swim at the hotel pool Museums, zoo, theme parks....

    I have been reading your blog since you started it, but won't be anymore. I've always enjoyed a different point of view, but feel you are out of bounds on this one.

    Just because parents aren't up at 7 am in the pool DOES NOT mean they have a hangover.

  2. I think I missed to make my point clear. I DO NOT think that all parents are drunks who drop their kids off with a sitter, but that rather at this particular super-rich resort, that was the case.

    While I do not condone one-piece bathing suits, I do think that bikinis are far worse and look exactly like underwear. Every single woman that I observed by the pools (which could be seem from the balconies) was wearing a bikini. There was NOT ONE in a one-piece bathing suit, and there were hundreds of women. I was very surprised by this because I remembered it being more like 50/50. Young, old, thin, fat - all bikinis. There were a couple of little girls in a bathing suit.

    As to why I think they were drinking: while I was sitting by the kiddie pool with the slide, there were many parents there having food while they watched their kids playing. These were the only parents down by the pools since there were no kids by the adult pools. It was the kind of rich people that have one token child named "Oliver" who is a spoiled brat. At 11 AM, all dads and many moms were ordering alcoholic drinks with their food. There was one lady who I thought was having a lemonade, so I was going to order one myself. When I told the server I wanted a lemonade like that, she informed me it was a martini. A few minutes later I saw the woman's child taking ice cubes out of the martini cup and sucking one after the other, something I found a little disturbing. The situation was the same in the evening. Besides, these people were loudly discussing leaving their kids with the on-site sitters while they were going to a party that night. By 6 PM, the pool area was completely deserted, but when we entered the hotel at 8 PM we were caught in the throng of everyone leaving for the night.

    I agree that family vacations usually involve time with children. I also agree that I had to drag my husband out of bed at 9 AM on Saturday morning to take the kids to the water slide (which was, as I said, completely deserted except for the life guard). But these people were not there on vacation, they were there for social functions and this just happened to be the kind of hotel they stay at when they travel. According to the front desk, the regular room rate is $249 for the suite we were in, which would be the size anyone with kids would be using - if not bigger. Not really where most families with more than one child would choose to stay regularly.

    Am I saying that all these parents were bad parents? No, I am not. They are not saved. They probably are better parents than I would have been if I were not saved. I was simply making observations about their behavior because I could predict when we would have the pools to ourselves.

    I hope I have made my point clearer.

    While it is not my goal to just be belligerent for the sake of being offensive, I will say that this blog is not exactly politically correct and certainly does not reflect the views of our society or modern Christianity. It is MY point of view, and I am a very conservative Christian.

  3. Well I am glad you enjoyed your vacation. Did they have alot of stuff at Magic Mountain for your kids to do?

    How much did you get the hotel for? We are hoping to make it to the beach this weekend.

  4. And I might add, a VERY judgmental one.

  5. Guilty as charged! Of course, the Bible says in I Corinthians 2:15

    But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.

    It is NOT WRONG TO JUDGE, but you will be held to the same standard that you are judging others by. FYI, I was not out bathing in a bikini, so I don't have that beam in my eye and don't mind saying that bikinis are wrong. In fact, I was sitting by the poolside in an ankle-length skirt and long-sleeved blouse.

    Besides, since when is stating a fact being judgmental? To say that a bikini looks just like underwear made of different fabric is a fact; to say that the people were drinking was a fact; etc. I even made a point of clarifying that I did not think these people were bad parents at all, only unsaved - another fact.

    And isn't saying: "You are judgmental!" a judgmental statement? Talk about hypocrisy.

  6. Jasmine,

    we use for 95% of the hotel rooms we book, which is several times a week between my husband and all his employees. Depending on the season and area, we have had Extended Stay hotels for as little as $25/night, but $40 is more typical. Although you don't know what hotel you are getting when you book, you can specify the area and how many starts. And it's the same chains that participate all the time so it's usually predictable because we have done it so much. If there is a special event in the town you are wanting to stay, priceline will not have good prices or hotels but any other time it's great.

    In this particular instance, we checked the search box for "resorts" and got one for $60.

    You can only enter one search for the same area in one day to prevent people from starting really low and working their bid up dollar by dollar. But if your vacation is still a little of you can start entering your info every day now and slowly increasing the price until it accepts it.

    We didn't go to Magic Mountain because my husband had to work on Friday and I am pregnant and couldn't have taken the kids on any rides. I didn't want to go on a Saturday because I figured it would be a zoo.

  7. I love the folks that spout off about tolerance, yet have zero tolerance for the "intolerant". How does having standards equate to being judgmental? I guess we should stand for nothing whatsoever and have no opinions of our own as to not offend someone?

    Thanks for the Priceline tip!


    Thank you for the advice. I have looked on pricelines site before and have been tempted to book a room but what I was always nervous about was it says they can only guarantee one bed. LOL

    That is a great price you got!

    I can see why you missed Magic Mountain being pregnant. I am not one for big roller coasters but I love watching everyone else. When I looked on their website recently it says they have alot of family rides so that is neat.

  9. I was just wondering why your think 2 peice swimwear is wrong (which it is) but your boys dont wear shirts? I also have noticed you are agaist make up just wondering why on that to?


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