Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny video clips of the kids

Miriam started crawling like a baby again for fun after our friends from California, whose little boy Joshua is crawling, came to visit recently. It is very funny because she does when she is in a silly mood, as well as on command.

Ever since she started walking, Miriam has pretty much stopped talking completely, but she understands just about any simple command I give her such as "Put your laundry in the hamper", "Get your shoes", "Close the bathroom door" "Go to the van" "Fill your cup with water" etc.

This is a video clip of John singing out loud and song-leading in the service last Wednesday night.


  1. I like that... 'he that believeth, oh the good news SHOUT!'. They know how to do that!

    We sing that hymn too, to the same tune.

  2. I loved seeing the pictures and videos of your kids. They are growing so fast. I personally think Miriam looks some like you in the face. What do you think? I wish I could meet them. One wonderful thing about having children is you will never be bored at watching the funny things they do and say.


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