Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another day, another shootout

Our house is on a corner, with my office being the part of our house that is facing both streets. There is a park just about a hundred yards away that is a highly-frequented spot for buying and selling drugs. While Tempe is a nice city, we are right on the border to a bad part of Phoenix, so the thugs from there come here to do what they do.

While I was sitting here checking my e-mails I heard about four or five shots immediately outside the window to the left of me. Clearly, whoever was shooting was using some kind of a silencer because it was very muffled. Tires screeched, and then I heard much louder shots firing back from the street that is behind me (in front of my house, which is also where all our bedroom windows face). More tires screeching, and then silence.

This is not an unusual occurrence. It happens about every couple of months or so. Last time I woke up in the middle of the night when some people were having a shootout right in front of my bedroom window. I was too tired to even care, just glad that my bedroom windows are very high up and very narrow (to keep out the scorching sun), so I just rolled over and went back to sleep. I know bullets can travel through walls, but worrying about it wouldn't have changed that.

Tonight I actually called 911. Not because I think the police care, or plan on doing anything about it. I was just annoyed that the four patrol cars I saw out and about today were all pulling people over. They weren't preventing any serious crime. They might as well get out of the donut shop and walk my neighborhood in the 100 degree heat that is still lingering outside and make themselves work for the fat paycheck they get.

The 911 operator forwarded my call to Tempe police. The officer that answered (thankfully it was a guy) seemed bored and disinterested, and was taking the report just to humor me. "Did you actually see anyone?" "Was there any yelling?" "How do you know it was shots?" - No, I didn't want to stick my head out the window and get a bullet myself, and I know what a gun shot sounds like because I HAVE A GUN MYSELF! While I was talking to the officer he told me that they got quite a few more calls about the same incident and he mumbled something about sending a patrol car by. I told him that maybe it would be a good idea to get a handle on the park behind our house, since it was the source of all this trouble, but he again just muttered something unintelligible.

This has become the everyday reality in America. The problem is not the guns, because people here have always had them. The problem is the people who are holding the gun - the illegitimate bastards of trashy single Moms, raised without any respect for authority and without any concept of right and wrong, without moral absolutes, taught from kindergarten that they are just a smart monkey who is destroying this precious planet with all its "limited resources".

Today is also the day that a woman was arrested after being photographed 22 times in the last 45 days for speeding (her maximum speed was 92 mph on a 65 mph freeway), while a school-bus driver who admitted to molesting a 9-year old was given probation because he said he was sorry and would never do it again. It is the day where child rapists no longer have to fear the death penalty, while over 3000 babies were murdered at the hands of their own mothers. It is the day when a derelict and his girlfriend stopped me in their big SUV outside church to ask if the church offered financial assistance to families, and cursed me out when I told them it only helped people who actually CAME to our church. Since when is a fornicating couple a family, anyway?

It is just surprising to me that God hasn't brought judgment on this country yet. I am glad for the sake of our children, but I know that it will be payday someday.

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