Thursday, June 19, 2008

Angry rant

There has been a stray dog living on my street for the last 3 weeks. It spends 90% of its time in either my driveway, or that of the neighbor across the street. It's a very ugly mutt that looks like a mix between a coyote and a German Shepherd, and it is not wearing a collar. In fact, at first I thought it was a coyote because we live so close to the South Mountain preserve and seeing coyotes around the trash cans is not unheard of.

When I go to pack the kids into the van, it sits under my car port and growls at me, so I usually hurl a big rock at it and chase it off. At night, the dog sits under the big tree in my front yard and barks like crazy, maybe because it wants food and water. It gets our dog and all the neighbor dogs barking, waking everyone in the house. Last night, I was awoken by the dog at 3 AM and 5 AM, and had to get up both times to chase it off.

I have called animal control several times, but they get so many calls that I don't want to wait for the 17 people in line ahead of me to all get done before I can file my complaint. After waiting on the phone for almost an hour once without even getting halfway down the line of callers, I usually just call them to see if by chance there are only a few callers waiting (which is never), then I call the Tempe police. Which is what I did for the FOURTH time this morning, and quite irate at that.

They had someone from animal control calling me back a minute later, who explained to me that they had been out to catch the dog after each of my complaints, as well as complaints from other people on the street. Unfortunately, they were unable to get it because their policy only allows them to chase a dog for 4-5 minutes - after that, it could collapse from the heat and die of a heart attack. I couldn't believe my ears, and repeated it back to the guy just to make sure I heard him right. I did! They will not chase a dog for longer in fears it might collapse and/or die from the heat, in which case the "Humane Society" will sue the dog catcher for animal cruelty. I told the guy the dog was aggressive, and he said he would send another catcher out right then.

Well, the dog catcher arrived at my house, as did the neighbor across the street (where the dog is when it is not here) who also testified that the dog was "very mean and aggressive". The dog catcher informed us that even though the dog was mean, he still was not allowed to chase it any longer, or to get more officers together to try and corner it. They will not do any of that unless the dog actually bites someone! By his own admission, the dog probably has rabies because of how it acts, and yet it has to bite someone before they will make a serious effort to catch it. Did you know that rabies is very deadly when not treated heavily with daily injections for two weeks? Remember, this thing growls at me anytime I go in and out of my house. I also prefer to run errands in the evening cool, when it is even more aggressive.

The dog catcher also told me that if I were to shoot the dog myself, I would go to court for that and would have to prove that I was in fear of my life or that of the kids. If someone else claims ownership of the dog, I would be charged with a felony, which is what killing someone else's dog is considered. The man agreed that the policy was stupid, and that people didn't agree with it, but the words "Humane Society" kept coming up again and again - I will make a wild guess and say that they "donate" heavily to Maricopa County Animal Control.

I asked the guy if he knew that the word "humane" came from the word "human", and that maybe humans should get precedent over animals, but he didn't understand that. He just kept saying how he will not chase the dog more than 4 minutes sharp because he doesn't want to get sued.

And get this - the policy in the cooler months is to chase a dog for no more than 10 minutes! The dog catcher said that he had all kinds of neighborhoods that he has been working on for months without being able to get the stray dog there off the street. All that so that the dog can be put down in the pound once they do catch it!

All this goes back to teaching kids that they come from animals, as I also told this guy. How many times have I heard "Humans, like all mammals, ..." or "Humans, like all large primates, ..."!?!

Yet today, there will be 3,700 - 4,000 abortions performed in this country, and I doubt any of them take less than 4 minutes. There will be nothing human or humane about the procedure. Neither the doctor, nor the nurses, nor the "mother" will have to prove that they were defending their lives (which still wouldn't make it right). Nobody will be charged with discharge of a deadly weapon.

Good morning to you, too. And good night, America!

Update: Animal control just came out to set up a trap. They will only leave it out for 20 MINUTES!!! They will not leave it any longer because the guy's shift is almost over (it was 8:40 PM when he showed up) and they "take responsibilities for the animals" and don't want the dog to have to spend the night outside in a kennel, where it might get too hot!!!

(1) My dog sleeps outside every single night, year round, in fact it only ever lives outside. The vet said that was perfectly fine as long as it has water (which the trap has).

(2) Where else does a stray dog spend the night if not outside??? Are these people just insane???


  1. antifreeze anyone? I cannot wait to see the hate mail from this comment. if you cannot shoot it and you need to protect your family then what else can you do. Obviously the pound will not apprehend the dog and you would be doing the world a favor....

  2. If that dog has rabies it just needs to die, period! Make sure no-one is watching and shoot it.

  3. wow, this is the first time I've read anything from you where you 'go off your nut' & I completely agree with you!
    Your country is run by morons sorry to say.
    In aussie it's illegal to kill a snake, like if you find one in your house or back yard, but hello! We have the deadliest snakes in the whole world! So should I care for the snake & chance it that my children might get bitten & would almost certainly die? No. Couldn't care less about laws when the law is stupid. & neither should you americans. I hope you took a shot gun outside & shot the mutt between the eyes. If you didn't & it mauled one of your children would you be allowed to sue the idiots at the animal handling place, & your local police??
    This world is so stupid it would make me laugh if it wasn't so seriously sad!


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