Friday, May 23, 2008

Why I don't trust doctors

Time and again, casual readers of this blog have accused me of opposing modern medicine as a whole.

I don't. I just don't trust doctors because the Bible makes it clear that "the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge", so someone who thinks their grandpa was a monkey knows less than my 3-year old son.

The only time we go to the doctor is if one of us is seriously ill and not improving with home treatment. Even then, the doctor usually declares everything fine, and whoever was sick is well again a few days later. Obviously, I would also go the hospital for traumatic injuries or other similar situations.

I never take any of the kids for checkups - EVER. No, they don't get vaccinated. You can pick yourself off the floor now. "They that be whole need not a physician" is a pretty safe Biblical principle. It's like taking your car to the mechanic just to make sure there's nothing wrong with it. Since they want the money, you can be certain that they will find something wrong.

But besides all that, I think that there are people who become a doctor for no other reason than to have access to easy victims. Think of all the male ob/gyns. I have also heard from people who were victimized by their pediatricians.

This guy though takes the cake for being a sick, perverted freak. I'm sure that's what the Founding Fathers of Boston had in mind when this country was started. What a disgrace to a city with so rich a history.

So go ahead and call me weird for being leery of doctors. But at least my kids are safe.


  1. " someone who thinks their grandpa was a monkey knows less than my 3-year old son..."

    That's so true! I always laugh when Christians who comment on or get into debates with well known hardcore atheists like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins call those well educated atheists "very smart, intelligent men". Really? The Bible calls them hellbound willfully ignorant FOOLS. If they stayed the same and obtained every degree and doctorate in the whole world, your 3-year old sone would STILL be wiser than them.

    By the way, I don't know if you know this but Ron Paul is an ob/gyn himself, and although he's pro-life politically he gives abortifacient drugs to his patients.

  2. I agree that a lot of times a Dr. is not necessary, but I am glad to hear you say you would take them if something were serious. I have a friend who belongs to a church that WILL NOT let you go. Last year someone got shot w/ a bow...lived for a week, and finally bled out. =/

    I am curious how you feel about voting for Ron Paul though. I'm originally from OR and KNOW that he is a ob/gyn. I've heard (read) that you & your husband think that male ob/gyns are perverts. Explain?

  3. Blergh. I think your advice is very ill-advised. I think regular checkups are a good thing and I honestly wish I had gone to the doctor once a year instead of simply not going. Now I'm having to make up for all those missed annual doctor's visits by quarterly visits, due to the fact that I was diagnosed with diabetes after a 10 year absence from the doctor's office.

    As far as skipping out on your kids' vaccinations, I'd advise you to keep them out of Pima and Pinal counties (I know you live in Maricopa county). There's a measles epidemic and measles KILLS. Personally, I think you're NUTS not to get your children vaccinated. But then again I'm not the woman who is married to the guy who so totally botched preaching about "pisseth against the wall" that his video's become a Web laughingstock. I don't expect clarity of thinking from him or from you.

  4. MCC,

    in case any of us ever did get shot with a bow I would certainly seek medical care, especially if they were bleeding profusely. But how often does that happen? Do I go to get stitches every time one of the boys hits their head and gets a cut? No - a butterfly bandage does wonders. I carry a first aid kit in every purse, as well as in my car. The kids would just pick up more sickness sitting in an ER for several hours around seriously sick people.

    I never used to be this suspicious of doctors until I moved to the US. Back in Europe, mainstream medicine as a whole has a more natural approach, and will often prescribe herbal/homeopathic remedies first, as well as use alternative treatments such as acupuncture etc.

    To Mirele:

    Thank you for your feedback. Our first son was vaccinated until age 1, at which point I decided to hold off until I had read just about every published book on the subject, which took me almost 2 years. So the decision was not made on a whim. Actually, I would rather have found out that vaccines are in fact safe because who just likes to go against mainstream society and be labeled as a weirdo? But in the end, my children's health is more important than what people think of me.

    Incidentally, the vaccinated child used to get sick a lot more than the other kids, who almost never ever have had a cold or the flu, and never have had anything worse than that. The rest of their care was pretty identical (such as extended breastfeeding etc.) so I think the theory that vaccines destroy your natural immune system is true.

    When I grew up in Europe, no children were vaccinated against childhood illnesses such as measles, mumps, or chickenpox. If you entered puberty and had never had it, you would get vaccinated at that point. All my siblings and I had every childhood disease, and we are all alive and well. In fact, while the vaccines only offer about a decade of immunity (leading to the shingles epidemic in the elderly, which is much worse than getting measles as a child), my immunity is life-long. It is also passed on to my baby as long as she is still nursing. At 15 months of age, she has been safe her whole life from childhood diseases, and is now certainly old enough to handle it if she were to get sick (although she is still breastfeeding).

    As far as people laughing about my husband, I really couldn't care less. I think they are amusing.

  5. If your children went to a public school, I think that they definitely should get certain vaccinations. I don't believe you are going to ever send them to a public school. Since they are home schooled, they are not around sick kids much. I agree with you that you do get sick sometimes from going to the doctor's office. There are a lot of germs in the doctor's office because there are some people sick with the flu & virus there. There are a lot of unnecessary check ups. But sometimes, people have to go for check ups if they have heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

    I agree with you completely that male gynecologists are perverted. I just cannot believe that they are allowed to do what they do. Did you know that if a father of a teenage daughter did things that a male gynecologist does to his daughter that he might be arrested for molestation? Male gynecologists are not morally above other men. Only women belong to the ob/gyn field. Look at Ephesians 5:33 and how you are not supposed to even have a hint of immorality/lust. All men including pastors, teachers, policemen, firemen, accountants, computer programmers, etc. struggle with lustful thoughts when they see scantily dressed women. How in the world is it possible for a male gynecologist to not have any lustful thoughts when he actually sees a woman (who is not his wife) naked and touches her private parts? Bible is clear that there should be no hint of immorality (that includes lust).

    I am so thankful that your husband and you understand the truth about male gynecologists. I am so glad God enlightened me on this. So many Christians have fell to this cultural blind spot.


  6. I'm still wondering about your Ron Paul explanation.

    Seems like you want to avoid it.

  7. MCC,

    No, I don't want to avoid it, I just forgot. You'll have to wait a little while until I have time to write more.

  8. nickmiller and MCC,

    Thank you for your patience and interest in my opinion. My response to your questions regarding Ron Paul is this:

    1. Yes, I was aware of the fact that Ron Paul used to practice as on ob/gyn for decades.

    2. Whether or not he prescribed hormonal birth control I do not know. Just because he was an ob/gyn does not automatically mean he did, I have known ones that didn't (usually catholic docs).

    3. Furthermore, I do not know whether he thinks abortion is wrong, but hormonal birth control is right. If this is his stance, he may be ignorant of the issue (unlikely) or be wrong on it - something I would be very sad to learn. Do you have any further information as to what he has said specifically on this subject?

    4. Yes, I do think that it is perverted for a man to work as an ob/gyn. I also think it is perverted for a man to look at pornography, commit adultery, and any other such sin. That being said, the president is the leader of the country politically and although his morals will have a lot to do with his decision making there will never be a perfect president. Ron Paul is for defending personal freedom and cutting back on government, which is what we need. He is pro-life. From the Bible, it is wrong to vote for someone who allows murder to go on (abortion) and you will be held guilty, but it does not say that if you vote for an adulterer you are an adulterer, etc. Him being an ob/gyn is between him, God, and the women who were foolish enough to go to a male ob/gyn. I am not condoning his past occupation by voting for him, but I would be condoning murder by voting for a pro-abortion candidate who would allow the abortion holocaust to continue.

    Anyway, I hope that clears up what I think about this.


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