Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Memorial Day weekend

On Friday, the weather was still nice and cool so I decided to take the kids to the zoo in the morning instead of doing schoolwork with them. It was raining on the way there, but there was no rain at the zoo at all. The two oldest boys got to bring their bikes which they loved. We were just on our way out a couple of hours later when the rain started pouring down again - we were just in time and didn't get soaked.

Friday evening we drove to Lake Havasu City with my husband, who had a couple of jobs to do in that area. He did them early on Saturday and we spent several hours playing by the lake.

The kids loved eating at Big Boy, somewhere we hadn't been in years.

We drove back home in the afternoon in time for me to make it to my appointment with the massage therapist. I am still having nerve issues in my left arm, and while it improved with chiropractic care it has not gone away completely. The massage did help tremendously, since it is overly tense muscles in my shoulder and upper back that are pinching off one of the nerves to my arm. The therapist thought I would be completely back to normal after a couple more times, which would be great. Although I have to say that getting a 90-minute massage is really not that bad!!

Sunday was spent as usual, with going to church in the morning and evening and my husband and I taking turns going soul-winning in the afternoon.

Today, Memorial Day, I got up early to take advantage of the half off sale at my favorite thrift store. To make it a special one-on-one outing, I took John with me and we had a breakfast of hot chocolate and lemon loaf at Starbucks first. At the thrift store I found a ton of cute dresses for the baby, a really nice new suit for my husband, cookware for the camping trip, and some other neat things. I love finding good deals!

We had steaks and grilled veggies for lunch, and barbecued hot dogs for dinner. My husband had to go to the office for a few hours to get caught up on paperwork, during which time I did the regular school work with the boys. I also worked on writing out next year's lesson plans for a couple of hours during the kids' nap time. When my husband got back he took all four kids swimming in our pool.

Here are a couple of funny pictures of Miriam from earlier last week. I had caught her with her hand in the powdered sugar. Which means that (a) she spotted and recognized the bag on the counter (b) pushed the step stool over there (c) climbed up both steps and (d) quietly munched on the sugar for about 10 minutes before she got busted. At first she looked a little guilty (see first picture), but then just tried to play if off by laughing at me, which worked very well! Never mind the clutter on the counter - this was early in the morning when my kitchen is a war zone of breakfast mess and lunch prep.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I am going to take my citizenship/civics test. I looked over the test questions once this afternoon and almost all of them are very simple. I also have to take a written and oral English test, which I'm not worried about. What I dread is the rude people I will have to deal with. The security guard at the entrance wears an all-brown uniform and has a mustache that looks 100% like Hitler's. It doesn't help that he also combs his hair to the side in the typical Nazi fashion and that he actually has a lot of facial resemblance to Hitler. Obviously, he is trying to make a point. The guy is SO RUDE!!! The last time I had to go down there he snapped at three federal agents waiting in line. They were there for an inspection, which the security guard didn't know - he thought they were regular immigrants. He yelled at one of them for signing in without having been asked to do so first, and at another for standing one foot off to the wrong side. They pulled out their badges and said "We are here to do an inspection" and Hitler just turned bright red, started apologizing profusely, and was oozing all over them. I was in line right in front of the agents, so I turned around and said (loud enough for the security guard to hear) "Now you know what WE have to deal with!" and all three agents apologized to me. I had to come back again to the office later that afternoon and when Hitler saw me coming he ran to open the door for me and was much more friendly than usual. I doubt though that he will still be that meek tomorrow.

Anyway, I got off on a tangent. We had a wonderful weekend and I hope you did, too!


  1. It is neat that your family gets to go to different places when your husband goes on a business trip. It looks like your children had a blast. The swimming pool looks different than what I am used to. It was darker green water. Do most swimming pools in Arizona use darker green water? I am used to blue water in swimming pools. Please let me know about that.


  2. Zsuzsanna,

    It is Tuesday afternoon and I am just reading your post from yesterday, I am praying that you pass your tests today. May God be with you as you take them.

  3. Adorable pictures! I love the guilty look Miriam had on her face when you caught her .



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