Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One more reason to go to Starbucks

While I realize that the company as a whole probably has the wrong ideas as far as society is concerned, I have to say I love the high-quality food and great service there (that is, as long as it's not a queer fixing my drink).

I don't drink coffee, and unfortunately can't tolerate their Frappucinos when I'm pregnant, so I have been getting their hot chocolate a lot with a slice of lemon loaf on the side. Of course, I like my hot chocolate with whipped cream on top. Fresh whipped cream is one of those items that almost always has preservatives added unless you buy a certain organic kind, which is what I do - consequently, it's a rare treat at our house.

On my way to the grocery store today I stopped at Starbucks for a second breakfast, and asked to see the carton that their whipping cream comes in. To my surprise and delight, they use the kind that contains only heavy cream and carrageen, a natural stabilizer. The server further explained to me how all the ingredients in the hot chocolate are all natural and the milk is from cows that are not treated with growth hormones.

You can't beat guilt-free indulgence for $2.55!


  1. "as long as it's not a queer fixing my drink"

    It's so hard to pick up sarcasm when it's written instead of spoken. That's you being funny, right?

  2. No, I was serious. I know where his filthy hands have been.

    Besides, what would be funny about the worst sin mentioned in the Bible??

  3. Although I agree with you that homosexuality is a sin, I would question why you would technically say that a homosexual's hands are filthy.

    He would be touching a man (which biblically is wrong) however, what would be the difference in him touching a man and making a drink rather than you touching your husband (or me touching mine) and making a drink?

    Are you assuming he does not wash his hands first?

    I honestly do not understand your rationale here.

    Is it only appropriate to prepare food and be "germ-protected" when it's male to female and married? (I'm being entirely serious, no sarcasm intended.)

  4. Obviously, there is something inherently filthy about these people since they are cursed with AIDS and a whole sleuth of STDs, something that a married, monogamous couple never has to deal with. Besides, you are assuming that homosexuals do what married couples do behind closed doors - they don't. Which is their problem exactly. They commit filthy, unspeakable acts with each other.

    In addition, it is a well-known fact that most (if not all) homosexuals change their partners often, and many report having been with dozens and even hundreds of other such perverts in anonymous trysts.

    The idea alone is repulsive. I do think that they are dirty and dangerous. Would I want them touching my cup or their equipment with fingers that may have a small cut? Have you ever noticed how gays love to have long fingernails - who knows what they are harboring there? No, I wouldn't put it past them not to wash their hands, since they don't know the first thing about sanitation based on what they do for their sexual gratification.

    No further comments on this subject will be posted since this is becoming an entirely unwholesome discussion.

    Anyone is free to read my blog, but why are you shocked that I hate the gays when the Bible says that they are worthy of death (Romans 1)? Aren't there enough pro-gay blogs out there you would enjoy reading instead?!?


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