Friday, May 9, 2008

One monkey too many

''One" said the bikeman ''This bike is for one .One monkey can ride it and have fun.''But as soon as the bikeman went back to his shop one monkey to many jumped onto the bike. One monkey too many wheeled off down the pike.''Horay!''The two shouted''We're having such fun.This bike is far better for two than for one!''Then bingo!The bike hit a bump in the road.It started to wobble.It started to pitch.One monkey too many crashed into the ditch!''Two''said the golfer.''This cart is for two. If you're looking for fun this is perfect for you.''But asoon as those rascals climbed into their seats One monkey too many hopped up in between.One monkey too many rolled off 'cross the green.
''Yipee!''They all wiggled and giggled with glee.''This cart made for two is fun tastic for three!''
They zoomed up a hill and then started back down.Then''Oh no!''they exclaimed as they jammed
on the brake!One monkey to many splashed into the lake.''Three''said the boatman.''This canoe
is for three.There's a seat on each end plus one more you don't see.''But just as the boatman was
pushing them off one monkey too many swung into the boat.One monkey too many aboard and afloat.They padddled quite nicely away from shore. ''See'' they said smugly''it's just fine with four.''But soon up ahead came the roar of falls.''Yikes!'' they all screeched and they tried hard to
stop.But one monkey to many had quite a long drop.
''Four''said the waiter.''This table's for four.You'll be far too crowded if you try to fit more.''But
of course while the waiter was getting their drinks one monkey too many squeezed into a seat.
One monkey to many demanded to eat.''See here''they declared at waiters return''five fit just fine.Please do not be concered.''Then out came the dinners and forks started flying drinks spilled and plates tumbled and monkeys got rude.One monkey to many got covered in food.''Five''said the bellman.''This bed is for five.I cannot allow any more to arrive.''But the minute the bellman unloaded their bags one monkey to many poked out his small head.One monkey to many crept into the bed''See''they agreed with a stretch and a yawn''we all fit quite nicely.The bellman was wrong.''But as soon as they started to toss and to turn to kick and to sputter and turn one monkey to many ended up in a war.''Six'' said the author.''This book is for six.The pages are full so no more of your tricks.''But that noon when the author went out for some lunch one monkey too many came sneaking and Look!One monkey to many got into the book.

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