Sunday, May 4, 2008

Huggly takes a bath

It was dark and quiet in the house time to explore.But Huggly didn't want to wake the people child
on the bed! Huggly wondered about the one room with the light on.''Maybe there are snacks in here '' he thought.He squished some green goop out of a tube.''Not bad''he said.He found some
pink stuff in a dish.''Yuck'' Huggly found tiny brushes a big bowl with a lid and a huge tub. Huggly
climbed onto the side of the tub.He slid in.''Whee This is fun''he said.His foot kicked something.
Water!He kicked the other something.More water!But the water went down a hole.Huggly plugged
the hole.The tub was filled with water. ''This is okay;''he said''but not as nice as my slime pit back
home.'' ''Whats this?''He opened a bottle.Slimy stuff. He dumped it into the water ''Wow!Bubbles!''
He laghed''This must be magic slime.''

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