Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to play parcheesi

1.If you kick someone out you get a 20 bonus.
2.If you just got a man in you get a ten bonus.
3.On parcheesi you want to come out of your circle,go around the whole board,and end at the building that say's''HOME.''
4.To win you gotta get all four of your men home.


  1. Solomon,

    I will be the yellow camels and you will be the green water buffaloes.


  2. No!!!I always use the elephants.(solomon)

  3. Hey buddy...Parcheesi has been one my favorite games since I was a little boy and played with my Mom and Dad. My wife Sarah and I play alot of different games, but she always beats me. UNO is our favorite game right now.


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