Monday, May 19, 2008

Don't vote for this communist devil!

Unlike this clip, though, I am not at all in favor of John McCain.


  1. I think this is working...only 75,000 people went to see him speak this past weekend....Keep up the work!

  2. Well, that video will convince those who already hate Obama to hate him more. It won't convince anyone else, and it really doesn't convince me of anything I didn't already think.

    I am not an American, but I wouldn't vote for Obama if I was. That said, I wouldn't vote democrat either.

  3. The fact that 75,000 people went to see him doesn't mean anything. In the Third Reich, almost all of the 80 million Germans were in support of Hitler. In fact, he came to power by being rightfully elected at first. Broad is the way that leadeth to destruction.

  4. Please...It's not the least bit surprising he drew that type of crowd in the liberal cesspool that is Portland, OR.


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