Saturday, May 3, 2008

Disturbing news

I was going to write a post on how to assemble an herbal at-home medicine chest and first aid kit. But as I was checking the news headlines for our city, I got so perturbed I lost all desire to write about the little bubble of normalcy I live in.

In just a few minutes, I read about a public school camp counselor arrested for violating three little girls ages 7-9, an 11-year old being raped, impregnated, and most likely infected with an STD by an illegal immigrant, and a police officer of 26 years who was charged with possession and distribution of child pornography (who, by the way, was not arrested because of being a police officer, but remains free while awaiting his trial). Remember, this all happened in the greater Phoenix area within one day, and there were probably more such cases that I didn't read about.

The same day, I received a letter from our wonderful city informing me that there were excessive weeds in a tiny side strip of our yard, and that the tree overhanging the street had to be trimmed. Both violations carried a fine of $150, which will be waived if we do the work within the next couple of weeks. Now I agree that there should be no weeds in my yard. But my husband is so busy working 80-hour weeks to try to support our family while giving 60% of his income to the government that some work just doesn't get done in time. After all, Uncle Sam needs that money to bring to trial and incarcerate the above perverts, feeding, clothing, and entertaining them in their resort-style prisons for a few years. And of course, we also need more police patrols - the starting wages in the Phoenix area cities are $55,000/year and up for someone fresh out of the academy.

It's just infuriating and sickening. Those criminals all need a bullet through their head from the hands of the girls' fathers. That's a lot cheaper and more of a deterrent that those scared little police officers, or worse yet, those women in uniforms who can't even figure out what gender they are.

Deuteronomy 13:9 But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.


  1. How on earth does your husband find time to prepare sermons? Wow.

    And is the tax burden 60%? How does that work out?

  2. Great post! I agree with every bit of it. Wouldn't it be great if we punished crime as they did in Bible days?

  3. I am not an accountant or a financial advisor, but if your husband is sending 60% of his gross income to the government, I'd go find a tax accountant because that seems unusually high.

    While you'd have difficulty finding a father who wouldn't want to put a bullet in the criminal's head in that situation, that's not the right way to go about things. Yes, it's cheaper than paying police salaries, and I'm not saying they don't deserve death (and/or castration), but the fathers would be legally and morally wrong to take that issue into their own hands.

    And did you call female police officers gender-confused lesbians? Maybe I'm reading that wrong. Could you elaborate?


  4. I have deleted almost all comments I received on this post, since they came from men who can't believe I am in favor of giving someone the death penalty for violating children. Which makes me think that they want to go easy on people like that because it's something that they are either doing themselves or are capable of doing, and they don't want to condemn themselves.

    In response to the last comment: We do not pay 60% income tax, "only" about 30%. Add to that almost 16% self-employment tax, and we just lost 46% of the money when it comes in. I am not even counting state taxes right now because I'm not sure of the exact percentage we paid. Of course, it doesn't stop there, since everyone gets taxed anytime they spend/invest/give away the money. In AZ, the sales tax is over 8%, 2% on food. That's the minimum, since taxes on gas are much higher. Furthermore, we paid $1200 in property taxes last year for a modest home, most of which went to the public schools, and all our kids are home schooled. Every time you need anything from the government, such as a birth certificate, police report, etc, you pay extra for that - what did I pay those taxes for in the first place? Then there are tolls, business licenses that must be renewed yearly ($2000/year for Phoenix for a one-page paper with one signature on the bottom), DMV fees, taxes on my gas, electricity, and phone bills, etc. etc. For example: our water bill is usually about $10/month. Add to that charges for sewer, taxes, and the bottom line is between $50-60 per month. If you think you pay any less you have been duped by the government.

    I am not saying that those Dads should of their own accord take the criminals and shoot them. I am saying that our government should pronounce the guilty verdict and let the father carry out the judgment, just as the Bible says to do.

    No, I did not say every female police officer is a lesbian. I said they don't know what gender they are. They have missed their calling in life, which is to be a wife and mother. Who in their right mind would think about bringing a baby on a job like that? So no, they are failing in their life's role.

  5. You say that men who are against an automatic death sentence for those who violate children are either molesters or potential molesters. Interesting theory, especially when you claim that fathers, after a guilty verdict, should be allowed to carry out the judgment. Wishing to allow fathers to perform an act of violence on the perpetrator makes me question your own potential for violence.

  6. You don't have to wonder any longer. I can tell you that if anyone ever did anything like that to my child, I would become very violent.

  7. I wanted to comment on what you said about female policewomen. I believe that God intended some women to be policewomen. I want to encourage you to think about something. Sometimes, there might be cases of naked women who have committed crimes. I don't feel it would be appropriate for the policemen to go into situations where they would have to see naked women. For example, let's say that a naked woman is drunk and has sold a lot of drugs. I believe that you are called to be a wife and a mother so it would not be appropriate for you to become a policewoman. But sometimes, women don't get married for a number of years or are unable to have children.

    I'm very grateful that we have female gynecologists and midwives. I am also thankful for some policewomen we have.


  8. You seem to get a lot of comments from confused 'holier than thou' fools. They're always ready to condemn or twist words of common sense and pay lip service to how people who hurt kids or murderers are "wrong" but what REALLY worries them is the victim's response. 100 criminals ready to carelessly commit violent acts with their guns will never concern them as much as one normal man who owns a gun simply for protection. Because, of course, any old archaic moron can feel for the victim but it takes someone REALLY intellectual and REALLY deep to worry about the diseased criminal. Please continue to enlighten humanity with your progressive thinking, people. It's really brought society upward to unseen heights of excellence thus far. Thank you.

  9. I just thought I could preach until I read this article. I think sister Anderson has me beat, and she's right on target. Keep up the good work!
    David Knight

  10. Though I have children and could easily act violently in a case where my kids were so terribly assaulted, I have a hard time reconciling that with Biblical teaching. My human impulse and God's call to forgive, and to leave vengeance in His capable hands. Additionally, justice can only be served for one of the fathers. If one man has assaulted three children, only the first daddy can exact justice leaving the other two unfulfilled. Sadly on this planet we cannot get justice apart from an almighty God, and therefore when we are viiolated, we ought to seek justice, but it seems equally Christ like to forgive. Beware you don't create your own prison of bitterness through unforgiveness.

  11. You made a decision to live in the United States and are not yet a citizen, and yet you openly critize the city where you live, the police and their salaries, the government (taxes), the medical profession, and the educational system (public and private). Should you prayerfully reconsider your application to become a US citizen? If you aren't thankful for the opportunity to live in this Country where we can openly worship God, you still have a choice.

  12. I couldn't agree with you more. If anyone laid one hand on my child I certainly would like to be the one to put my judgment on this scum bag. And about taxes you are so correct. I have to pay hundreds apon hundreds for just trash removel plus I have to spend $8 bucks for these "special" town bags that the package only contains like 5 bags. Not to mention all the permits/$$ you need to put out anything other than a trash bag say a broken computer or a chair! SO frustrating!

  13. To Anonymous (May 6 @8:59pm)-

    I'm a natural born citizen. I love this country. I'd be willing to die defending it.

    That said, I completely agree with her on taxes and schools.

    Americans pay way too much in taxes. Taxing based on income is unfair. We need a tax based on consumption, not on income. (We also need fiscal responsibility in Washington, but that's another post for another day.)

    Additionally, it is not my government's role to educate my children. The education/training of children is the sole responsibility of the parent. The hot button for me is that parents who choose not to use the public school system (whether they use private, Christian, or homeschool options) still pay taxes that go to the public school system. This is wrong.

    I disagree with her on police salaries - typically I think they're too low. And I'm not sure what her issues with the medical profession are (outside of the male/female doctor issue, where I also disagree with her), but her view of taxes and public education are absolutely correct.

    You sound like you've got your head buried in the sand, acting like the freedom of religion we enjoy (which is critical) somehow makes all of the problems with our federal and state governments vanish. Pull your head out of the sand and look around. America is great, but she's far from perfect.


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