Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another trip

We went on another work trip with my husband, this time to Yuma, AZ (about 3 hours West of here). We left Tuesday evening and got back just in time to get ready for church yesterday, Wednesday.

I thought I forgot to bring my camera because it was not in the pocket of my purse I usually keep it in. When I found it we were just getting ready to leave the hotel and head back, so there are only a few pictures.

The kids and I did some school work we had brought on the drive, as well as at the hotel. Solomon's favorite subjects are history and science, and he reads tons of books on both. Isaac was practicing his reading with me, and I am really happy about his progress since for a while he didn't "catch on" to reading. A few months ago he learned to read all beginning and ending blends (e.g. sled) as well as the 2-vowel rule (e.g. dime), and has since learned about half of the special sounds that do not follow phonetic rules (e.g. ar in star, ur/er/ir in nurse, verse, bird, etc.). If he keeps going like this he will definitely be able to read all his first grade work by the end of our summer break, which would make things a lot easier for me because he could work much more independently. I also taught John the 5 vowels and their short sounds in a matter of 20 minutes - he picks everything up really fast. I think I will have him start in K4 in the fall, and go through at double speed so that he finishes K5 at the end of our school year. I thought that would be a better idea than to start him in K5, which he is practically ready for. Miriam was just happy to play in the hotel room in the meantime.

The kids love staying in hotels because it is the only time they get to eat Fruit Loops, and pretty much whatever other junk food they pick from the breakfast buffet.

Here is Miriam after her bath:

While my husband was finishing up on the job he was doing, I took the kids to PetSmart. Isaac always wears his shoes the wrong way like that, and John picked his own outfit again. You have to let them have their own personality, right?!

On this trip, we went to eat at Round Table Pizza (the only branch in AZ) twice! Probably not the best pregnancy fare, but very good as far as pizza goes!


  1. Good to see you in a picture too! You guys make me want to try that pizza place to bad I have no idea where there are any around here :)

  2. Great pictures. Thanx for sharing. I LOVE pizza. So I can't blame you for stopping twice! lol

    Is that the one where they have mojo potatoes at the salad bar?

  3. I love the pictures you put up. It's amazing to see how quick Miriam has grown. I liked the picture of you with Miriam. :) I think that Miriam looks like you. What do you think? I hope to see more pictures of you. There are many advantages of home schooling your children. One of them is you can still home school them even when you all are away from home. I have a number of friends who were home schooled. It's a good thing that you all don't live in Germany because home schooling is prohibited there. That's what one of my friends who lived in Germany for years told me. She lived there for years because her parents were missionaries. She lives in the US now and home schools two of her school aged kids.



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