Thursday, April 10, 2008

Update and pictures

Life has been quite hectic this last month. It's hard to believe that April is almost half over! We have been doing a lot of "spring cleaning", which has been exhausting but rewarding. My husband is finally getting an office for his fire alarm business, which will free up our office at home. I plan on turning that into the school room, and turning the current school room into a bedroom for one of the older kids. So there are plenty more projects left to work on around the house. Also this weekend, our church is moving to a bigger building, which is very exciting.

As far as school goes, I am having the kids work extra in their books in order to have them finish the year by mid May. Because I am due in the middle of October, I plan on starting school again early this year, at the beginning of August.

The pregnancy is going well. I felt the baby move very distinctly today, although I have suspected a few earlier movements here and there. My fatigue has been improving as my iron levels are getting back to normal. I still get sick and have lots of crazy food cravings. My current favorite is Indian food from a curry place here in town.

It looks like I will soon become an American citizen. My appointment for this is in May. I am looking forward to this most of all because I will finally be able "to keep and bear arms"! We just had someone trying to get into our yard a few nights ago, but the dog scared them off. She can be REALLY mean!

Here are some recent pictures:

From Easter:

A friend of my husband sent us a HUGE package of gummy worms...

One night after I told the kids to get ready for bed, John showed up dressed like this announcing that he was "all ready!"

Another day, John was wearing his fireman outfit to the store. The fire department happened to be shopping there at the same time, and they asked him if he wanted to see their truck and sit in it.

At the zoo with the kids' Grandma (my husband's mom)

Miriam with her new necklace

Pictures from a different trip to the zoo. Doesn't the fence around the Siberian tiger look awfully low?? The mote is not even as wide as the one they had in San Francisco!

Solomon making giant bubbles


  1. Terrific pictures! Congrats on getting things done around the house. I've started my spring cleaning also. I've been taking room by room so to not overwhelm myself.

    Wonderful to hear that your pregnancy is going well and that you are managing your homeschooling schedule.

    God Bless,

  2. Congrats on the citizenship thing. US citizenship is something that so many people don't appreciate, even though they didn't have to work to get it.

  3. Love John's outfits! My 4 yo son loves to wear various getups as well. Some of them are quite interesting to say the least!


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