Friday, April 18, 2008

More sickness

So Miriam finally got well. There was one night early this week when John threw up a little, and then ran a fever all night long, but by the morning he was fine again. I thought the sickness had left the rest of the family unscathed.

Well, I was shopping at Sam's Club yesterday and about to leave when the kids talked me into letting them eat lunch there. Personally, I find the food much too greasy, but it sounded nice not to have to fix lunch for them. We had just sat down for a couple of seconds when Isaac suddenly started violently throwing up. He missed the guy at the table next to us by about a foot or so. With four kids, this incident wasn't even embarrassing enough to make me flush. Instead, I was secretly glad he threw up in the store rather than in the van. Mental note: keep a trash can in every row of the van for future incidents like this.

Other than running a fever for the rest of the day, Isaac seemed fine. Then it was my turn to get sick, but I spare you the details. Not fun when you are already struggling with morning sickness that gets worse when you don't (or, in this case, can't) eat.

At 6 PM I decided to get everyone down for bed, and after I read the Bible to all the kids for a long time I finally turned the lights out and fell asleep just before 8 PM.

Shortly after midnight, I woke up to the VERY familiar sound of a child throwing up in bed. It was Solomon, who was lying in my husband's spot next to me. (When my husband is out of town the older kids take turns sleeping in his spot). Thankfully, he missed the baby that was sleeping by my side between us. I grabbed the bucket from the foot of the bed, but by then Solomon was pretty much done. I spent the next half hour cleaning up Solomon, changing the sheets, scrubbing my BRAND NEW mattress, putting on fresh sheets, and then covering everything in fresh towels in case he got sick again. All while the baby was screaming her lungs out. I then instructed Solomon that when you feel like throwing up, you should try to throw up over the bucket, rather than just get up on all fours and throw up in your spot. (Am I the only one whose kids do that??) I was just going to turn out the lights when I heard him start throwing up AGAIN. Only this time, he had tried to get his head over the bucket at the foot of the bed, but I forgot to tell him to keep his mouth shut while doing so. Consequently, he threw up down the length of the bed on the fresh comforter and sheets before reaching the foot of the bed. I cleaned everything up again, and yes, the baby was still just screaming. I then moved Solomon to his regular bed and put the bucket on the floor an inch from where his face was. About 1:30 AM I turned the lights out again. I was just dozing off when Solomon threw up for the third time, this time thankfully not messing up the bed at all. Since he kept throwing up the water that he was so eager to drink I got up to fix him some Sprite with Pedialyte in it. I think we finally fell asleep for good sometime after 2 AM.

Thoughts of having to deal with all that dirty laundry kept haunting me throughout the night. There are two comforters, two complete sets of sheets, 3 pillows, and about 12 towels that need to be washed today in addition to my regular 3 daily loads. I think I would rather spend the day at the dentist than touch that stuff again. Here is a picture of most (but not all) of it:

But alas, such are the joys of a mother of four young children!


  1. So sorry to hear that you had such a rough night. I think everyone with kids can say they've had nights like that LOL! Hang in there and I hope Solomon feels better soon.

    God Bless

  2. I am sorry to hear of this. I hope you all get better soon!! ~ Jasmine

  3. I am sorry to hear about the kids! I will be praying for you and your family to get better, I have a helpful tip about your new mattress, after first using soap and water (of course), use rubbing alcohol afterwards to get the smell out (I put it in a spray bottle). My daughter used to throw up all the time and a friend of mine told me about it. It really does work.
    Annette :)

  4. I am sorry to hear about the kids being sick. I have a funny story to tell you. I hope that it doesn't gross you out. But when I was a teenager, I was sick and had to take Ermocythicin (not sure of the spelling). It's an antibotic. I am never going to take that particular antibotic again. It made my stomach so upset. I ran in the bathroom and vomited in the sink and then in the bathtub. For some reason, I missed the toilet. My mom and my younger sister had to clean it up. It was such a big mess. My mom found the pill I had swallowed. I advise you to not ever use that particular antibotic. When I have to use antibotics, I usually use Zithromax. It doesn't hurt my stomach at all. I have not taken antibotics since November 2001 when I had the strep throat.

    I bet that your kids had the stomach virus. I hate that you had so much laundry to do.



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