Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Make a joyful noise

Here are a couple of hilarious clips of Solomon and Isaac singing. Be sure to watch the second one until the end! By the way, the red thing that Isaac is using to play the guitar is a plastic paper clip.

On a different note, Miriam has finally recovered. My main goal right now is to "fatten her up" a little since she needs to gain at least 5 lbs back. I'd hate for her to get sick again when she has nothing on her bones.

I finally managed to empty out all four kids' closets this week, as well as to get all their current clothes sorted, hung, and put away. It took me an entire day to do it but now they can once again dress themselves without my help.

There are still plenty of projects left to do around the house, and I will probably not get it all done this week, but I guess I'm looking at the glass being half full rather than half empty.


  1. That was fantastic! They can sing for me anytime.
    David Knight

  2. They are great singers with sharp memories. ADORABLE!

  3. Thank you. Aww, I can't believe how young they look in these clips. I wish I could freeze-frame this time in my life!!!


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