Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Birthday of a homeschool Mom

2:30 AM wake up sick

2:45 AM get up to fix myself some food

3:45 AM back in bed after cooking a full meal and reading the paper

5:00 AM finally fell asleep again

6:15 AM wake up hungry again, grab a snack

6:45 AM doze back off

6:55 AM woken up by husband leaving for work

7:30 AM kids wake up and want breakfast, while I am trying hard not to lose mine

8:00 AM get started on housework and school



The rest of day was spent along the same pattern. Lots of school work, laundry, dishes, errands, all while I was so tired I felt like falling over, and all while I felt VERY sick and hungry all day long. I mean, the baby IS doubling in size this week, that must take it's toll on me sometime. I spare you the details, but it was one of the worse days. I put the kids to bed earlier than usual, just before my husband returned from work around 8 PM. No celebration then, either, since he had more paperwork to do. At least I didn't overeat on the non-existing cake. Hey, at least I didn't have to eat a cake made by one of the guys in this house, who don't know the first thing about baking.

And, at least I have one more year before the big 30!


  1. I am sorry to hear that you were sick most of the day on your birthday. Maybe your family and you can go out to eat this weekend to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday to you!!!!


  2. So sorry to hear you felt so ill.

    Happy Birthday, though! ;o)

    ~ Christina
    (a.k.a. hskubes)

  3. I'm so sorry you were sick on your birthday. Maybe you can have a belated celebration over the weekend. Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday!


  4. Thank you everyone! I didn't mean to sound like I was having a pity-party. Honestly, I can't complain because I have been much sicker with all four of the previous pregnancies.

    We went to the park Saturday last weekend in honor of my birthday, where the kids rode their bikes around while the baby played on the playground. Then I got to go grocery shopping without any kids with me, which is a rare treat! So that really was a nice day.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you feel better soon. *hugz*

    ~ Jasmine


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