Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February Birthdays

This month, we celebrated Miriam's 1st birthday and Isaac's 5th birthday. First, here are some pictures from Miriam's birthday:

Right after waking up.

In her pretty new dress

This baby swing was one of her gifts.

All four kids on the swing set.

This toy was another gift.

The cake


For dinner, we had bacon cheeseburgers.

And, of course, ice cream for dessert!

Miriam loves ice cream! She recognizes the carton when I pull it out of the freezer, and will chant "ice cream, ice cream, ice cream" until she gets some.


At night, we decorated sugar cookies.

Look who got into the frosting!

A few days later, we took down all the hearts and pink balloons for Isaac's birthday, who had requested a military theme.

Isaac's gifts

This is a construction dress-up set.

I loved the goofy look on his face in this picture. He had shoved so many Haribo candies in his mouth that he couldn't look straight on any more.

Another dress-up set: a cowboy outfit!

Isaac had asked for this set many times. As he pointed out to every stranger all day long, he loved it because it was made of real leather (as opposed to the cotton chaps I had sewed for him).

Bacon, sausages, biscuits, and eggs for breakfast.

On their birthdays, our kids get to pick the menu for the day. Isaac had requested "hot dogs for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and hot dogs for dinner!" I was able to adjust that to the above breakfast, hot dogs for lunch, and corn dogs for dinner. Not any healthier, but at least not as repetitious.

Instead of a party, I took the kids to a really fun place called Way 2 Play Cafe, where we all had a great time.

Miriam, who walks now, loved pushing this grocery cart around.

Miriam and Johnny


  1. How did she keep from getting chocolate ice cream on her pretty white dress? She must be quite the Little Lady! Cute pictures.

  2. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing and happy birthday to your children.

    God Bless,


  3. They are all so cute but Miriam is so adorable in her little dresses! You are such a good mom. Happy Birthday kids!!


  4. The kids look happy, and healthy. Kids are so resillient!


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