Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We have been busy as usual since I last posted. Schoolwork is going very well, and I finally feel like I have the right balance of how much to do each day with each child. Isaac's reading and math just skyrocketed this last week. It's a relief to me because my patience was wearing a little thin with the poor guy. He is turning 5 next month, a few days after Miriam's first birthday.

Miriam also has reached an important milestone: her hair is long enough to put in a tiny pigtail! Yes, I have been waiting for YEARS to fix my daughter's hair! Isn't she cute??

With her proud big brother Solomon

Doing what she does best: digging through my purse

Miriam has also been taking a couple of steps this week. She has been cruising along the furniture for several months now, but has never had the courage to let go. We think that she could walk across the room if she tried, but she is too cautious. Other than digging through my purse and wallet, her favorite pastime is trying to crawl into the dishwasher when it's being emptied/loaded. She can hear the dishes banging clear across the house, speed-crawls over, and tries to crawl inside. Solomon used to do the exact same thing. It's funny because he was the oldest boy, she is the oldest girl, and they are very much alike.

John decided to squeeze into Miriam's snowsuit in an attempt to dress up as an astronaut:

Of course, with weather like this, we really don't use the snowsuit much anyway:

Well, actually, we only have to drive 2 hours North to get to one of the most beautiful places for skiing and snowplay. I am thinking about taking the kids up there Saturday next week. Don't be deceived by the picture above: only the spa part is hot, the pool was only about 40 degrees. It won't be warm enough for swimming until May. It is warm enough during the day to go swimming, but the water is too cold from the nighttime temperatures. Even though we have a pool heater we don't use it because it would cost hundreds of dollars to keep the pool water warm even just for a few days. So we just heat up the spa by itself, which is fun enough in the winter.

This Sunday, our church had 4 baptisms, two of which were Solomon and Isaac. Solomon has been saved for a year and a half, and Isaac for about a year now.

My husband with Solomon in the water and Isaac waiting for his turn


Isaac - he was literally jumping for joy after he came out!


My husband's business travels took him to Washington, DC and Pennsylvania last week, where he recorded the third part of his ancestry series. You can watch it here:

And finally, I wanted to give my Grocery Game update from yesterday: I spent $ 42.42 on $ 125.52 worth of food and other stuff. That's a savings of $ 83.10 (or 66%). All I can say it's really fun seeing how little I can spend. I guess that's why I love thrift store shopping, eBay, and craigslist! It's hard to tell from the picture how much I really got. My favorite this week was $.25 for a pack of sausages that usually costs $2.49 per pack. I had eight coupons, so there's lots of sausage in my freezer now... They are really, really good, and all natural.

Afterwards, I took the kids to Coldstone Creamery next to the grocery store. Good friends of ours had given us a gift card for Christmas, so this, too, was free. Thank you! :) I think this was our third or fourth time going there on the card, but we finally used it all up yesterday.

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  1. how old were your kids when getting baptized? I was baptized when I was four, but as an adult realized it needed to be re-done. As a four yr old I wasn't exactly a sinner! (except by nature as offspring of Adam and Eve), but as baptism is to symbolize the repentance and washing of sins, I got it done as an adult... after most definately being a sinner in need of repenting! :/
    Just wondering what your theology is. (Not dissing your kid's baptism's at all, btw. When I was a young child I adored Jesus, and though I can't remember it, I must have been thrilled to be baptized. Growing up unfortunately I have had a miserable time of it, and Praise God He's never given up on me and drew me back to Him!


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