Sunday, January 13, 2008

Family Ancestry Part 2

This is the next installment in my husband's tracing of his family line. Click here if you missed the first part and would like to watch it.

I think his new hobby of family ancestry had a lot to do with my husband agreeing to go on a trip to Germany. He has since traced his family back to a tiny village in Switzerland, where his 5th through 11th great-grandparents lived. As I found out on the internet today, the old historic building in that village, a major tourist attraction, is actually named after his ancestors, the Knuttis. Below are two pictures of the Knutti-Haus. Although I have not yet found out how old this building is, my guess is that it is several hundred years old. The church building in the village dates back to the 12th century, and still looks like it is in great shape, so this house could likewise be very old.

We are hoping to be able to visit this place while in Europe, but it is far from where we will be staying (315 miles one way) and the road conditions (snow) in the very mountainous region may be too bad. It looks beautiful, though. I have driven through the Alps (the mountain range spanning from France across Switzerland and Austria into Southern Germany) and it is simply the most breathtaking scenery, unlike any other mountain range I have ever seen. You may have seen pictures of the famous Neuschwanstein castle, which is also in the Alps.

It is even more beautiful than that in real life. I took Solomon to see this castle the first time I flew to Germany with him, but he was only 6 months old and doesn't remember it, of course. It would be nice to take the whole family there this time, but we may not have time for that.

Can you tell how excited I am about this trip??!!?

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  1. It was interesting to watch the ancestry video. I really liked how one of your husband's relatives signed a form saying that with help of Christ she would not drink alcohol. I wish that all teenagers would sign that pledge. I signed a card for True Love Waits as a teenager and I have remained a virgin.

    It sounds like your upcoming vacation will be exciting. I cannot wait to see pictures of your vacation.



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