Monday, January 28, 2008


This blog is open for comments again, but there has been one major change. Basically, only comments left anonymously will be allowed. You can leave your name at the end of the comment, but no links to other user names/profiles/or websites.

Right now, all previous comments are being copied and pasted into anonymous blogs, with names only given, but it will probably take me until the end of this week to get that all done.

This may seem drastic, but there are lots of freaks out there who comment on "mommy blogs" to drive unsuspecting readers to their filthy smut. So he may leave a comment on the website of a lady who then comments here on my blog, linking me to him indirectly.

This exact thing happened last week. Every day since then, I have been getting calls from a freak (or maybe the calls were all from different, unrelated people).

For example:

(phone rings, I pick up)

Me: Hello, this is Zsuzsanna Anderson.
He: (long silence, then:) Ah, yes, is the senior pastor there?
Me: May I ask who's calling?
He: Yes, and who are YOU?
Me: Eh! (hang up)

(phone rings again, I pick up)
Me: Please don't call again! (hang up)

(phone rings again, I reject the call)

Shortly thereafter, I get notified that a voicemail message had been left. Let's just say that I hit "delete" a couple of seconds into the message because it was the most profane, vulgar, perverted and disgusting subject matter and language imaginable. He sounded demon possessed. He could have fit the profile of "AKM" last week, or he could have been just another freak. It's not like there aren't enough out there, lurking in churches for easy targets.

All that to say this: I do not mean to offend anyone by not allowing links to other websites. My only goal is to protect readers of my blog.


  1. Great idea! I hope this works out for you in the end. Hopefully those calls had been unrelated to the blog. I recall you saying you use to get strange calls once in a while for the church before. It's tough because there are people who target others who they have a problem with.

    It probably doesn't help that you have a church so basically you're out there for everyone especially those who are nuts.

    God Bless,



    I could care less about leaving a "link". You know where to find me. ;) I am just really glad to have the chance to get to know you and your family.

    I had been listening to sermons online for months and then when I seen the link to your blog I was excited.

    Your family has a very powerful ministry and I thank you both for doing what you do.

    I think you need a stronger support group of people praying for your family and your ministry. I have no clue who does and who doesn't.

    I do know that you affect the lives of a lot of people. For any of you lurkers out there who read and don't post, please remember to pray for this family. They are very susceptible to being under spiritual attacks just because of the position they are in.

    Do you have caller id? I have my phone set up(I think) where it won't accept calls from blocked numbers. (Not that it helps cause I don't have caller id set up right now. lol)

    It is funny you mention this cause I was in the kitchen today doing the usual and I prayed for your family and your protection and safety. I have done that before and I will do it again but for some reason I was really feeling I needed to today.

    If you haven't already, remove your home address from your website. Is there anyone who can keep an eye on your house while you are gone?

    *HUGZ* ~ Jasmine

  3. We get a few weird calls, so I don't know if this incident was unrelated, but probably so.

    We have caller ID on the phone, and I usually do not answer it if it says "private call". We don't want to block those calls completely because a lot of "normal" people have called with their number withheld. I answered it that time because I thought it was a call from a lady that I had just spoken with a few minutes earlier.

    Jasmine, thank you for praying for our family! Please pray especially for the protection of our children.

    All information regarding our home address has been removed from the website.

    A friend of my husband and his family will be living in our house while we are gone. He is going to preach some of the services during that time. So there's no worries on that end.

    Arizona is a wonderful state where all citizens can bear arms in public. It is not unusual to see someone with a gun holster and a gun in it. I can't wait to become a citizen. Imagine the looks I would get with four (or more) little kids in tow and a gun on my hip! Just kidding. I keep a semi-automatic by my bed at night, but ever since we got the dog we have had no problems. She is great!

  4. That is great you have someone who will live in your house while you are gone. Big help. It will help too with watching the dog.

    We had 2 chocolate labs a few years ago and they were great. It's a sense of security to have a dog in the house especially when you are a women and for your kids safety. Something very intimidating about a large dog.

    You & your family are always a part of our prayers. Nothing is more fusturating then having calls like that from people who have nothing better to do with their time. I pray for those people as well that they get guidance to do the right thing instead of crank calling godly people.

    God Bless


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