Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pictures from this week

Last Sunday, we lit the first candle on our advent wreath:

A picture of Miriam in my favorite sling. It was a real life-saver this week when she was sick and wanted to be held 24/7.

John has been wearing this Tigger costume all week long, every single day. I have had to wash it for him every night.

Next are pictures of two different activities we did in the evenings this week. The first one is from when we decorated some citrus fruit with cloves, which both looks and smells great. The second picture is from another night when we cut pretty patterns out of paper doilies and glued see-through colored paper behind it for a beautiful window decoration. Notice the fruit basket on the table with the finished craft from the previous activity. In the back is my husband reading the Bible to us while the kids and I are working on our Christmas crafts.

Isaac and Miriam in the pilgrim hats that Isaac made:

This last picture was taken this morning, right before leaving for church. Now two candles on the wreath are lit!

Miriam started getting better almost immediately after I started her on the zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C on Monday afternoon. She still has a little bit of a cough and a runny nose, but is doing fine with that.

John will turn 3 on Tuesday. The theme of his birthday is "Fireman". For the party on Saturday, we are going to tour the fire department in Tempe, and then have games, hot dogs, and cake at the house. I still have some planning to do for that.

The coming week will be our first week back to routine schoolwork, which we haven't been able to have because of all the illness. When I was looking over my school planner/journal to assess the damage I realized that by working here and there whenever we could we did 3 weeks of work during the last 4 weeks of all of us getting ill twice back to back - not nearly as bad as I thought.

Have a great week enjoying the Christmas season with your family!


  1. I enjoyed seeing latest pictures of your children. I'm glad that Miriam is doing better. It sounds like the medicine helped her. I am sure that she will have a runny nose for a while. I got the strep throat so much when I was a kid. The only way to treat a strep throat is antibotics. I was allergic to pencillin so they had to prescribe me another antibotic. Strep throat is horrible because if it is left untreated it can lead to rheumatic fever or kidney failure. I remember how I had to sit in cold bath water when I was 9years old to reduce my fever. I hated it so much. It's always so hard when kids get sick.

    It looks like your kids are having a lot of fun celebrating Christmas.


  2. So glad that Miriam is better. Been praying for her. God bless all of you dear saints.
    David Knight
    Chattanooga, TN

  3. Thank you so much for your prayers, they are much appreciated. Please continue to pray for her full recovery (she is still coughing a little), as well as for Solomon's health who also still has a cough. Thank you!

  4. Jasmine's Journey said...

    Those pictures are great! I am so glad to hear she is getting better. I kept checking back. I know how scary that is when a child gets that sick. Only one week behind, not bad at all.
    December 10, 2007 6:29 AM
    Christine said...

    Thank God she is doing better. I kept checking in to see if you had updated or not.

    Love the pictures. Looks like it was great fun!

    God Bless!
    December 10, 2007 10:57 AM
    ZSUZSANNA said...

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of you who have been praying for Miriam, and for checking on her well-being. She is still trying to kick the cough and runny nose, but doesn't have a fever and is acting like her usual self again.

    I am very grateful for all your prayers and concern!
    December 10, 2007 12:32 PM
    Sarah said...

    I'm so glad Miriam is feeling better.

    I'm curious where you got your sling.
    It looks so much more comfortable than some of the ones I've been researching.
    December 10, 2007 2:03 PM
    ZSUZSANNA said...

    Thanks, Sarah.

    Yeah, I love that sling. A little cumbersome to put on, but definitely the most comfortable of all my slings and carriers by far (I also have a tube sling, several ring slings, and a BabyBjorn front carrier). I usually put it on once a day, and then "wear" the sling even if the baby is not in it to make slipping her in there easier. Plus, because the sling is so long I don't want to tie it out and about where it would drag in the dirt. The downside is that you look a little "ethnic" if you wear it with no baby in it... lol. My husband likes to make fun of me for that. Neutral colors help.

    This sling is made by Girasol, a German company. Another similar one is Dydimos (sp?), likewise from Germany. Many of these slings can be purchased new at - the website also has some great instructions on how to tie the sling. Or you could try your luck on ebay. I got mine directly from Germany, a gift from my Mom.

    If you sew, you could also make a sling yourself by simply hemming a 5 1/2 yrd x 22 in lenght of fabric. Finding the fabric is the hardest part, since ideally you need something woven diagonally. Denims work well if you find one that is not too heavy and gives a little when stretched diagonally. It should also be soft and fold/tie easily.

    Hope that helps!
    December 10, 2007 2:45 PM


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