Thursday, December 20, 2007

My new camera

Well, Christmas came early for me this year and I got a new camera from the money that my parents sent us. I am about as happy as happy can be! The camera has many wonderful functions, such as...

...panorama shots, where it actually "stitches" together three photos:

... photos at night without a flash - this one was taken from our driveway just after sundown:

... and literally about 20 more settings for fireworks, motion, portraits, candle light - you name it, it's there. There is also an automatic setting for everyday picture taking. But best of all, this camera can take very high resolution videos - it's great!

Here are a few more pictures from this week:

Daddy and Miriam

Miriam being wild

Solomon and Isaac

Both Isaac and John have not worn anything other than their fireman outfits since they got them. I have to wash them at night and have them ready in the morning. When Isaac was praying before bed tonight he prayed that his fireman outfit would never get dirty for the rest of his life!

All the kids can't hardly wait for Christmas. They are still loving their advent calendars, but this has somewhat backfired on me because they are so excited about them that they wake up much earlier than usual and jump out of bed to open them. When they all woke up at 12:30 AM last night after Solomon got sick and was throwing up (he ate something bad at the restaurant that evening), Isaac got really happy and announced that he was going to open his calendar for the day. I sent him straight back to bed...

Hope you are enjoying this Christmas time with your family!

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  1. Jasmine's Journey said...

    WOW! That panorama shot is awesome! What kind of camera is it. How much did you pay? We payed about $100.00 about 2 years ago for ours and I know it has digital zoom but nothing as awesome as yours. WOW!

    What place did you eat at? Maybe you should complain?
    December 20, 2007 6:21 AM
    ZSUZSANNA said...

    Thanks! The camera is a Kodak easyshare Z1275. I bought it at Sam's, and it was priced wrong because I paid $180 for it while the lesser model with fewer pics and zoom was $230. I asked the lady at the counter why that was, and she said she didn't know and that she had e-mailed the person in charge of pricing about it that morning. So, the camera might be more expensive somewhere else. I also bought a 4 GB memory stick that allows me to record long videos, which was about $40.

    I did complain to the restaurant. The manager was very apologetic and friendly, wanted to know if we needed medical care, and said she'd send us complimentary meal passes. She called again the next day seeing how Solomon was, and informed me that she had reviewed food safety standards with her employees. It was at a chili's in a nice part of town, and we have gone there before and never had problems. Solomon had the ribs, as usual. I thought they tated too "porky" when I tried them but figured that the kids' menu is never very good anywhere. Solomon said he won't be getting ribs there ever again... If they had been rude or acting like I was just making it up to get a free meal I would have given the box of leftover ribs to the health department - they love to investigate restaurants because they give them very steep fines. I certainly didn't want other kids getting sick!
    December 20, 2007 7:50 AM
    Jasmine's Journey said...

    I just did a quick google search and "Kodak easyshare Z1275" says $249.99 at Target. I think you got a really good deal.

    Well I am glad that is all handled. I hope they clean their act up. I remember one time we were in Whittier at a Carl's Jr, getting food to take to my Grandmas to visit and one of the happy meal bags fell over and the burger fell on the floor. I watched them pick it up and put it right back in the bag!!

    I complained and they got a new bag! I complained again and explained we wanted a different burger. Grrrr....
    December 28, 2007 8:20 PM
    ZSUZSANNA said...

    Haha, that's funny! I think I would have had a fit! I can't stand bad service.
    December 28, 2007 10:00 PM


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