Saturday, December 15, 2007

John's 3rd Birthday

John turned 3 on Tuesday of this week. Below are some pictures from that day. It was great!

Isaac was crushed because he had been pretending to be a firefighter for weeks and he really wanted to have a costume, too. My Mom bought him one for Christmas, but we gave it to him early so he would be able to wear it to the party.

Since John had asked for a fireman theme for his birthday, we had the party at the local fire station. The firemen gave us a tour of the facility and showed us their trucks, equipment, and all. I thought other people had gone there to celebrate their birthdays before, but the fire chief said that in 22 years this was a first for him, which made me wonder if I am a little strange. I think the kids really loved it. I'm sure they will be pretending to be firemen for months now. Below are pictures from the party.

Finally, here are some of John's birthday portraits.


  1. Jasmine's Journey said...

    That is really awesome. I never thought a fire dept. would allow people to come. lol Looks like he had a great, very unique birthday. Those cupcakes look great too. You did a wonderful job.
    December 16, 2007 7:53 AM


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