Friday, December 28, 2007

Family Ancestry

One of my Christmas gifts from my husband this year was a software to track my family tree. The software also came with a subscription to - an online database that provides additional information from public records, birth and death certificates, etc.

Quite honestly, my first reaction was wondering if I would really find family ancestry very interesting. But within one day, my husband had traced part of his family back to England in 1497 and I was now becoming very curious about my own family line. While I am still working on that, it has been very fun finding out about my husband's ancestors.

One thing I found especially interesting was that EVERY single family that he found from two or more generations back had 10 or 12 kids, each about 2 years apart. Lest you say that a lot more children died back then - this data stems from census records (carried out every 10 years) and they only recorded children living at home at the time of the census. These children ranged in age from about 17 years to a few months old, which leaves the option that there may have been more children who had already grown and moved out, or that more children were born in the future. Again, this was not just one family, but there were dozens like it - literally every single one he found. How sad that today we live in a society that has no concept of the value of a family, and that frowns upon large families.

As it turned out, my husband's (secular) job took him to a part of Idaho this week that was very close to where most of his relatives on his Dad's side lived. So while in Idaho, he visited the cemeteries in two small towns where his ancestors were buried to get additional information. Below is a short film that he recorded during his trip. I think you will find it very fascinating, and hopefully it will inspire you to delve into your own family history.

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  1. Jasmine's Journey said...

    That was really nice. That would be fun to trace your ancestry.
    December 30, 2007 10:18 AM


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