Friday, November 16, 2007

What we've been up to

After I was down sick all week last week, the baby has been sick since Saturday and is not eating anything, but nursing pretty well. She only threw up for a couple of days and is more cranky and fussy right now. John got sick on Monday, and has basically not eaten anything since then, but he also only threw up the first couple of days. Yesterday (Thursday) very early in the morning Isaac started throwing up, and he is still doing pretty bad today. He, too, has not eaten a bite since getting sick. My husband caught whatever we had just a little bit, and has been feeling bad but not as bad as the rest of us did. The only one "left standing" is Solomon, but he passed on lunch today saying he wasn't feeling hungry - I'm wondering if that's a sign of him getting sick as well.

It really hasn't been as bad is this may sound. The kids rarely ever get sick, maybe about once a year or even less, so it's not a big deal. They are really good about lying down and resting quietly, so to me it's almost like getting a break.

We have not done any schoolwork this week because of all the sickness. It was very hard to get through the work last week when I was sick, but I managed, so I only have this week to catch up. I was planning on giving next week off for Thanksgiving, but will have them do this week's work instead between Monday and Wednesday. I spent the extra free time this week working on the advent calendars for my husband and each of the kids, two of which are done. I will post pictures on here once they are all done. My Mom sent me a magazine from Germany with dozens of cute ideas for advent calendars and it's been great fun working on them.

These pictures are from last week:

And here is my first Grocery Game update: On my first week's trip, I bought merchandise worth $205 for $88 after the sales and coupons - not bad. It takes some time to do, but I expect it to go faster and faster. When I was shopping I met another lady with a little baby in the store who had a list and lots of coupons in her hand. I asked her what she used, and she told me that she had been doing the Grocery Game for several years now, and liked it. Here is a picture of everything I bought that day. Many of the things are cleaning products and personal care items, which tend to be expensive.

Well, it's nap time now. Yeah!

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  1. That is so hard when everyone gets sick. I will pray you all get better soon. Those are some great deals you got!


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