Friday, November 2, 2007

Lots of pictures

As usual, we have been very busy. In the last two weeks I have organized a surprise baby shower, a ladies meeting, and a chili cook-off for church. At home I have been busy with my usual chores while also trying to enjoy some special time with the kids.


Our favorite stores in town are a German sausage store and a German bakery. Thankfully, they are only about 2 miles from each other, so we usually go to both in the same day. Then we come home and have some REAL food. Here are the kids enjoying their lunch:

This is a typical picture of Isaac: he has eaten all the meat and drunk the milk, but not even touched the bread. Atkins must work, because he is very skinny.

Solomon and Johnny

Johnny being silly.

To achieve this shine, simply rub buttered bread all over your entire body. Makes for a very nice smell, too - real butter flavor!


See, it DOES rain in Tempe....about once a month. These pictures were taken several weeks ago and we have not had any rain since. Temperatures right now are in the high 70s to high 90s every day, in the 50s and 60s at night.


Solomon again

Isaac dressed up as a fireman, with Solomon and John running through the picture.


Next is an adorable picture of our beautiful daughter......who has three older brothers.

Yes, that's a dagger she is playing with. As far as I know, BabiesRUs doesn't carry those.


These are a couple of pictures of John at the baby shower. I had left the older two with Daddy that day.

I thought this looked funny.

I can hear the wedding bells ringing. This little girl absolutely loves Johnny, and I have been told that she always asks about him on the way to church.


Not much else is going on otherwise. We do school in the mornings, and run errands or play in the afternoons. I have yet again had to switch Solomon's math curriculum because he war bored with it. He is now doing 3rd grade in the Hartcourt Math series. I will probably switch him to the 4th grade book once I can find it on ebay. Having a gifted child is a huge challenge because his attention span is very limited - he learns everything the first time I tell him, and is ready to move on to the next thing. Thanks to his Dad teaching him one day when I was busy, Solomon now has a concept of basic algebra and is bored with division and multiplication. He just turned 6 a month ago, going on 16.

Isaac, by comparison, is more "normal", although still very advanced. He is 4 and starting to read (so far only one-vowel words). He, too, is very good at math, and his fine motor skills are better than Solomon's were at that age. He is always pretending to be something or someone, i.e. cowboy, fireman, waiter, cook, preacher, etc.

John talks better than the older two did at his age. At age 2, there is basically nothing that you can tell him and he doesn't understand what you are saying. He talks in long, complex sentences that he comes up with on his own, for example: "Mommy, for my next birthday, can you get me a balloon with helium gas in it, please?" He likes to be reassured every day that he is still my little baby, though.

All three boys love playing with Miriam. They make up silly songs to sing about how lovely and cute she is. She likewise adores all of her big brothers, but so far she can only call "I-aac" by name. Her eyes are starting to turn brown, something I am very excited about. Until now, Solomon was the only one with big brown eyes.

Earlier this week I was able to convince my husband to come to the library with all of us. He took the kids to the play area while I was able to finally check out some books for myself. It was great. Hopefully I can talk him into coming to a farmer's market with us this Saturday morning in downtown Phoenix.

This weekend, we are going to continue a family tradition I grew up with. Everyone in the family draws the name of another family member out of a hat. They then have the rest of the month to make an "advent calendar" for that person. This calendar is basically a countdown from Dec. 1 to 24 and you get a small treat every morning when you open the corresponding box. Gifts can be handmade, a candy, or another small gift. I am excited because so far I was the one to make all calendars every year. Of course, we will still have to help the kids, but I think it's going to be even funner like this. I plan on making turkey again for Thanksgiving this year, and we will award the advent calendars the day after Thanksgiving, as well as decorate the house for Christmas. We will finally have a tree again after not having had one for the last two years (first because we were moving, then because our entire front room was being used for church exclusively).

Lots of exciting things going on. I love being a Mommy, especially at this time of year.


  1. I loved reading your blog. It was nice learning more about your children. Your children are so cute. I enjoyed looking at the pictures. It looks like Miriam is growing fast.


  2. Thank you, Misty. I am glad to hear you enjoy reading my blog. You have been such a tremendous encouragement to my husband and I in this day and age when very few people want to stand up for what is right. It is always such a blessing to hear from you.

    You are right, Miriam is growing up very fast - too fast. My guess is that she will be walking independently by the end of this month. Seems like just yesterday that she was born.

    I will continue to pray for you that God would likewise abundantly bless your life for your faithfulness.


  3. The kids are so cute. I kind of like those lunch trays. I seen some at Walmart and at Target.

    Are you German? Neat. My grandpa was German. His parents were missionaries in India though. My dad served in the airforce and always loved Germany, so did my brother but he was in tanks.

    I have a half brother by my dad who lives in Germany with his wife and two children.

    Your backyard looks like fun!

    All the kids will have their own strengths. Just nurture it.

    We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas too.

    I am glad you were able to move the church out of your house.

  4. What a blessing that you homeschool your children. I am such a supporter of parents who do this. This is one freedom I hope is never taken away. We as parents should have the right to decide what is best for our children and their education.

    I home school my little one but he'll be joining the older one in school next year. I enjoy it very much but I have to say they love actually going to a school. I'll only send them to a Christian private school when we finally get to move.

  5. The backyard really is fun. We had to pick a house with a pool so we could baptize people - a real sacrifice lol! Actually, having a pool is more work than having another child, I'm not joking. But, as with kids, it's worth it.

    The swing set is Solomon's. He earned it for memorizing the entire book of Ecclesiastes, which took him just over a year to complete. He had to quote the entire book with no mistakes the weekend that we bought the swing set. It was a really fun project for him and us, and they play on the swing set for hours every day.

  6. Actually, that is not a dagger. A dagger is made for penetrating soft tissue and getting between rib bones, and has a thin, pointy blade, with little or no curves.
    That looks more like a variety of hunting knifes, like the bowie
    more suited for hacking and slashing.


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