Friday, November 9, 2007

The Grocery Game

Who knew grocery shopping could be a game to some? I have heard about and considered this before, but never tried it until now: The Grocery Game. It is a subscription service that claims you will save an average of 60% and up on groceries and household items through shopping with coupons when the cheapest sales are on.

It works like this: you get the coupons in your local Sunday paper, clip them, and file them, sometimes for as long as 12 weeks. The Grocery Game tracks the sales and coupons in your area, observing the sales cycles and prices, letting you know when a sale is the cheapest possible price, and then letting you know which coupon from which week to combine it with. A new list is made available online each week, customized for your stores, your area, and your newspaper coupons. Items are sorted by free, stockpile (i.e. buy this even if you don't need it this week), and good deal (buy only if you need it this week).

I liked the idea so much that I signed up for the trial - $1 for 4 weeks. After that, it's $10 for 8 weeks. Four weeks should be long enough to get a good picture of whether this is something that will work for me. It does sound very fun, and I can't wait for the Sunday paper. A lady in our church always gives me her unused coupons, so my coupon file already extends for several weeks out, giving me a head start.

If you do decide to sign up, you can enter my e-mail address (under "Contact" in my complete profile) in the referral box, which will give me free weeks if you continue your subscription after the trial.

If this all sounds incoherent to you, it may be because I am holding a squirming baby and trying to get the other three ready to leave the house while they are running around like wild Indians. Their website really explains it very well, much better than I did.


  1. I have heard of it but never tried it. Tell us how it goes.

  2. I've never heard of this. I'll be interested to see how it works for you. Keep us posted.

    I do use other websites for coupons online for my groceries. I try to find a coupon for everything though that doesn't always work out.

    Good luck!


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