Sunday, November 4, 2007

As cute as cute can get

Based both on personal experience as well as a survey on my blog some while back, I would say that girls overall are more work than boys. But they are so much funner to dress up, and that alone makes the extra effort all worth it. This entire post is about showcasing my favorite daughter, Miriam.

1. Dressed up as a cowgirl, with John and Solomon:

2. In her favorite shirt - she goes crazy when she sees it, and loves pulling on the doggy:

From left to right: Solomon, Miriam, Isaac, and John

3. At church in her pretty new dress:

Solomon and Miriam

Johnny and Miriam

From left to right: Miriam, Solomon, John, and Isaac


  1. She is adorable. Always smiling too. :)

  2. Your children are so adorable! I am looking forward to the Lord blessing us with a girl too. I hope so. That's one thing with boys you don't get that part of playing dress up in little dresses and such. Which would be lots of fun!

  3. Miriam is so cute. I have heard different things from people about raising boys or girls. I guess everyone has a different opinion. My mom had two girls (Laura, my younger sister and me). Sometimes, I wish I also had a brother.

    You always take good pictures of your children.


  4. Thank you everyone for all the compliments! :)


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