Thursday, October 11, 2007

This week's update

Miriam can crawl perfectly now. She's fast, too. I worry about the tile being too hard on her little knees. She gets hurt a lot because she likes to pull herself up to standing using a chair or other piece of furniture, and then sooner or later she slips and hits the ground hard. It's nice that I can now leave her in the playroom with the boys watching her while I get some work done.

Here she is playing with Legos:

We just returned from another (short) trip to Southern California. We left after church on Sunday night and spent Monday at Legoland with Aunt Lisa. On Tuesday the kids and I stayed at the hotel while Daddy was out working. We went hiking on a trail that passed by right behind the hotel and spent the rest of the afternoon doing schoolwork. We drove home that evening and got back to Phoenix a little after midnight.

We found this hitching post along the trail by a picnic area.

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