Monday, October 1, 2007

Solomon's birthday

Solomon turned 6 a few days ago. For his birthday, I made his favorite breakfast - palacsinta (a Hungarian version of crepes). For lunch he wanted some "real American food" so we went to our favorite hot dog restaurant in downtown Tempe by the university.

His main gift from us was a "Darda" race track set. My brothers and I used to love playing with this when we were kids. He also got a cotton candy machine, some pj's that I sowed for him from fabric he had picked out, and some other small toys.

His birthday party was on Sunday afternoon; the theme was "Legos". We had everything Lego: invitations, games, ice cubes, decorations (fun Lego facts up on the walls), and party favors (candy that looked just like Lego bricks). I even tried to make the cake look like a Lego brick but I am terrible at frosting cakes and it came out looking a little rough.

Below are some pictures.

Of course, no birthday party seems to be complete without the guest of honor getting sick in the middle of the night from overdoing the candy, cake, ice cream, and sodas. At 2 AM, we woke to the all-too-familiar sound of a child being sick in bed, and had to clean the huge mess. Ah well, birthdays only come once a year, and we had so much fun at the party.

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