Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gremmer anyone?

Given the fact that English is my third language, it never ceases to amaze me how many people misspell the most commonly used words. My all time favorites are

their = "belonging to them"
they're = "they are"
there = "not here, but over there"


we're = "we are"
were = past tense of "are"


you're = "you are"
your = "belonging to you"

I am almost getting used to seeing these words being used interchangeably. For example, the company that delivers our bottled water recently sent us a letter informing us "You're monthly water bill is going up" and "We have never before raised you're rate." They went on to use "you're" instead of "your" about 4 or 5 times. It may seem like a dumb thing to even notice, but after all I am trusting these people to provide me with pure water and they don't even know the first thing about grammar. Maybe they don't know how to read a water test, either?

There seems to be similar confusion over the correct usage of the letter "s" at the end of a word. Correctly, one would add "s" to a word to make it plural (duck->ducks), " 's " to show that something belongs to someone (Mike -> Mike's), and only " ' " to show that something belongs to a plural word that already ends with the letter s (parents -> my parents' car).

Having said all that, I always find it amusing to browse craigslist.org for some bargains and coming across funny misspellings. Who really wants to buy a "dubble brest pump"? Or how about some maternity "cloths" - are they intended to be draped over the bulging midsection? I wonder if a "Whinnie the Pooh" walker makes children more prone to whining. When we were looking for a second fridge a couple of months ago I knew to search for "refridgerator" instead of "refrigerator", since the misspelling is used almost universally. On and on the list goes.

Notice I have not mentioned anything about punctuation, correct verb tenses, or anything else that one would expect to learn in elementary school.

My only question is why almost $1,400 of our property taxes this year went to the public schools in this city, or why according to their own figures the public schools in this state spend about $ 8,000 to $ 12,000 a year on each student, depending on how many they can diagnose with ADHD or another bogus disorder, thus categorize them as disabled and collect more funds.

Kids today may not learn spelling anymore, but many are able to work a DVD player or flip through their favorite channels almost as soon as they can crawl over to the family altar the entertainment center. Many adults can't spell properly, but most probably know off the top of their head how many inches their TV measures, and how much the newer and bigger TV costs that they wish they had.

And homeschooling is considered weird...


  1. Don't even get me started on this topic. I sent my older son for 2 years to a private Christian school and I was floored that I was paying school taxes PLUS a hefty tuition! I'm sorry but if you are Homeschooling or your child goes to a private school and paying a tuition you should not be paying school taxes!

    Love the misspellings you listed. I'm guilty once in a while doing that out of laziness I guess but I do notice it when others do it. I think my issues comes from working for Pharmaceuticals for over ten years when they make up words that don't even exist LOL! I wish I could remember some to list but I use to do editing for 500+ government documents and you wouldn't believe some of the crazy words they would write and it was acceptable. Some fields have their own terminology. English is my 2nd language and I have to say it's a difficult language if you compare it to other languages. But I guess German would be really hard too. What other language do you speak besides German and English just curious?

  2. You had me wondering if I had mis spelled something on your blog. Uh Oh! It's the grammar police! lol

  3. First, having ADHD/ADD does not qualify you to receive disability. So please get your facts straight. Not all science may be truth, but pretty sure there were numerous studies done on the levels of hormones in kids that had been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD versus those who had not, or seemed to be calm. What some people fail to realize is that SOME children aren't "just being boys". Some kids have problem with socializing or focusing in school. Just as some people have a condition called bipolar disorder. I'm pretty sure (from a psychological stand point) you would meet the criteria for a diagnosis. You go from one extreme to another. Either you are extremely happy or "they"(meaning that awful government or anyone that isn't holier than thou-you) are really making you angry. I could really go on in a full psych evaluation based on your posts alone. It may be quite possible that you may have a case of M√ľnchhausen by proxy.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your view on no TV!! I've been married 5 years and have 3 children and we have NEVER had cable programming. We had Netflix for a bit, but we figured out it's worthless garbage pretty quick. We own a TV, but keep it in our bedroom. We watch movies every now and again-- we really like "It's a Wonderful Life" and my husband and I have some DVD's with biblical seminars that we enjoy. My children have never had "screen time" and they don't request it. It's refreshing to know that there are other families that share similar NO TV beliefs. Also, I'm sorry that you get so much hostility and hateful comments on your blog. It's hard going against the norm and standing up for your beliefs (and actually living them). It's got to be a million times more trying when you are married to a Pastor and held to higher standards. While I don't agree with everything you blog about 100%, I enjoy reading your posts. I enjoy a different perspective and I enjoy relating to someone with the same.


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