Monday, October 15, 2007

Cruisin' for a bruisin'

Miriam is no longer content to just crawl on the floor. After all, she has been doing that for one whole week now. Instead she decided to move on to cruising along the furniture. When you have tile floors, that is not a good idea. But she's learning fast and is getting better at catching herself, and also at calling for me when she thinks she is about to fall over. I'm usually right there to scoop her up at the last second. That, in turn, has made her more confident to not hold on to anything at all and stand there by herself completely unsupported, which is even more nerve-wrecking.

The look on her face in this first picture reminds me of my Grandma in Germany (Miriam's great-grandmother).

The videos below are VERY POOR quality, and they have no sound. As I said before, my nice new camera got stolen and I have not yet been able to replace it. Christmas is coming soon. (Honey, are you reading this?) Anyway, I figured it's better than nothing.

From what I have observed so far, girls are smarter, learn faster, and have better motor and verbal skills. BUT it comes at a very steep price of being opinionated, stubborn, and fussy. And she likes her Daddy more than me, at least most of the time.

Below is a picture of the three boys, taken today at the zoo. I heard several people exclaiming: "Oh, look, triplets!" One lady asked if they were triplets, to which I replied: "Yes, they are, they were just born 2 years apart each." She had a hard time believing that they were NOT triplets. It never ceases to amaze me how people don't notice the difference in height and appearance. But it's fun to get the comments.

By the way, that is NOT a necklace around John's neck. It's his cowboy string-tie that he insisted on wearing today in spite of it clashing with the rest of his outfit.

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