Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bumps and bites

Poor John has had a very rough week.

It started on Saturday when he cracked his head open on the bathroom sink right about the time we needed to leave for the church picnic. He came tumbling out of the bathroom in the "silent scream" (i.e. screaming so hard that he couldn't even take a breath), with blood running down his back and neck. Apparently, he had been jumping on the toilet, slipped, and hit the edge of the sink with the back of his head, right on a vein. The cut was close to 1 inch wide and gaping open, with the injured vein bulging and bleeding. Thankfully, I was able to get him to breathe by blowing in his face, so at least he didn't pass out. Then, I laid his head face-down in my lap and applied pressure. After a couple of minutes, I cut the hair in the area, cleaned the wound with hydrogen peroxide, put some goldenseal powder on the wound, and applied a butterfly closure. It didn't hold very well, so I put gauze on top and secured it with a bandage around his head. Poor John was very mellow for the next couple of days, but seems to be recovering just fine. The wound is already looking a lot smaller. I wonder how many thousands I saved by not going to the emergency room for a small stitch and some pain killers.

Then yesterday morning I noticed a big red bump on John's cheek when he first got up in the morning. I checked to see if it was a spider bite (the two characteristic bite holes), but it was too swelled to see. Then today he woke up with that whole side of his face swelled up, a black eye, and sure enough - an obvious mark from a spider bite. My guess is that it was a "wolf spider". I have been bit by them several times and it looked just like that. It swells and itches for several days and then goes away. At least it wasn't a brown recluse or a black widow, we have a lot of both around here. I noticed he also had been bit on one of his fingers, which was swelled to twice its size and was itching a lot. We will be getting the house treated for spiders this week.

Through all this, John has kept a great attitude and is happy and friendly as usual. What a little beam of sunshine he is! The picture below was taken BEFORE any of this happened.


  1. Christine said...

    Zsuzanna I was so delighted to see you have a blog. I found your church when I was searching conservative churches in Arizona (found your husband's blog along with the church website). We are going to be moving to Arizona once we do settlement on our house.

    Your poor angel I hope that he recovers quickly and doesn't have to much pain. I would have had a heart attack you keep it together so well. I have 2 little boys and it's always tons of excitement in the house.

    I look forward to reading your blog !

    God Bless!

    October 6, 2007 5:28 PM

  2. So u didn't take him to the hospital for the gash on his head OR a spider bite? Not even a pediatrician?


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