Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The 7 similarities between IVF and Halloween

What do in-vitro fertilization (test tube babies) and Halloween have in common?

1. Dead bodies are everywhere.

2. The attire is scary.

3. Everything is shrouded in fog.

4. Both are detrimental to children.

5. They give sodomites easy access to children.

6. No pastor preaches against either one. anybody out theeeeeereeee.......

7. Pastor Anderson has preached against both.

The 7 sins of Halloween
The 7 sins of IVF


  1. For a minute there I thought you were going to post all the dead bodies. I was almost scared to scroll down. lol

    Now what would two guys want with 2 girl babies, or 2 male babies, or 2 of anything?

    Not many pastors are preaching against sodomy any more either. In fact in some churches they can even minister!!!

  2. Um. Pretty sure that IVF can also be between a husband and a wife. Also pretty sure nothing is "dead". Or do you not believe in infertility like you don't believe in ADHD


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