Thursday, September 27, 2007

New pets!

Until today, in addition to four children, we also had

1 dog


4 hens.

Solomon was learning about earthworms in science today, so we decided to get some new pets:

12 earthworms.

Night-crawlers to be exact. Apparently they are bigger and fatter than the other kind (dillies?). Here they are:

Aren't they just darling?!? The black sleeve makes it dark inside the container.

I was shuddering and dry-heaving all the way home from the pet store (seriously). Then I had to store the container with the worms IN MY FRIDGE until we had their new habitat prepared. I cleared everything else off that shelf in the fridge and bagged the container they were in. Still, it would not be unlike me to never use that spot in my fridge ever again, no matter how meticulously I cleaned it.

Speaking of school, someone ought to be regulating these home schoolers. We have evidence that they teach children how to count using goldfish crackers, which subconsciously supports animal cruelty. Instead, they should be taught using food stamps, which is pretty much the only thing the government wants them to know how to count.

Below is further evidence of how much behind the times these home school Mommies are. They actually still teach their children to write in CURSIVE from the start. Worst of all, Solomon seems to be enjoying it!

Today is also the last day that Solomon is 5 years old. Sigh. I have been waking up almost every night this week thinking about the fact that 6 years old is almost like 8, and 8 is almost 10, which is practically adulthood. Before bed Solomon reassured me that he will still love me just as much when he is 6, and that he is still going to marry me and live next door to me in a very narrow house that he is going to build on the gravel strip on the side of our house. Also, the house will not have a bed in it because he will still sleep in our house. Here is a picture of the almost-birthday boy:

He built this harbor during recess from a play set that Oma sent for Christmas from Germany. Pretty much all their toys are from her - lucky me! Now that one of my brothers finally decided to have a baby I am losing the corner on the market as far as grandkids go, but that's okay. We practically live in a toy store by now anyway.

Solomon also likes to call me on the phone now when I am running errands and he's home with Daddy. Last night when I was cleaning the house, I found this:

Isn't that sweet?! He called me about a dozen times yesterday when I was going to the store to buy his birthday present. "What are you getting?" "What store are you buying it at?" "Is it such-and-such the store?" "What letter does the gift start with?" "How big is is?" "Is it a ...?" Of course, I didn't give him any clues, because if he is anything like his Dad he only needs one tiny clue to figure it all out.

If you, too, are starting to wonder what gift we bought him you will have to stay tuned for pictures from his birthday and the party.


  1. you should really take this down, if it's still your number.

  2. Good point, kelli. But it's actually the church phone number, published all over the internet as well as in every phone book in town, so there's no point. Thanks for the concern, though.


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