Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back to normal

Today was our first day "back to school" after our vacation. In case you are wondering why we didn't start back up on Monday, that's the day I have to run a billion errands for family, church, and sometimes business, call everybody under the sun, and get caught up from not having time for laundry on Sunday (i.e. six loads on Monday instead of the usual three per day). Although I normally still do a full day of school with the three oldest on Mondays, it was just too much this week. I am suffering from some mysterious illness that is giving me the worst stomach pains and a low-grade fever. Having Miriam stuck to my hip for literally 10+ hours per day didn't help that much.

Anyway, back to what I was saying - school went well. Solomon (5) is in 2nd grade this year, but on math he is in a 3rd grade book. He is a math genius, and must have gotten that from his Dad. Isaac (4) is in K5, and was reading blends for the first time today. Although he is smart, his main strength is physical. John (2) was learning about the number 1 and doing some coloring. My main challenge with home schooling is to find a way to keep the baby busy while working with the other kids. Today, she was nice enough to sleep through a lot of it.

Other than that, my day was very uneventful. This week is kind of busy because I am preparing for Solomon's 6th birthday on Friday, the church picnic on Saturday, and Solomon's birthday party on Sunday afternoon between the services. He has been in a Lego craze since our trip to Legoland, so we are having a Lego-themed birthday party for him. People who know me at all know that I love to go all out with the kids' birthday parties. I'll be posting pictures of it all next week.

Sometimes I wonder why other people's babies seem so easy-going and low-maintenance, while ours demand to be held around the clock. I am a very strong believer in strict discipline, but I could not be more opposed to letting babies "cry it out". Either the child has a need that should be dealt with, or it is throwing a tantrum and needs a spanking. Obviously, the latter does not apply to a little baby. I think that a baby's need for physical contact with his/her mother is just as important as their need for food or a clean diaper, which is why I keep the baby close to me throughout the day. By the time they start crawling they hardly want to be held any more anyway. I have various slings and wraps that I use when at home or out and about. All that being said, it would be nice to have both hands free and not having to lug all the extra weight every day. So I was actually pleased today when I talked to a close friend of mine who lives out-of-state and who just had a baby recently when she told me her baby did the same thing. Misery loves company, I guess! If you are reading this, sorry, I don't really mean that. Or maybe I do... :) I think as parents we blame ourselves for everything, including wondering whether my baby is high-maintenance because both me and my husband are somewhat high strung. My friend and her husband on the other hand are both very mellow (until they get around us, that is), yet their baby is fussy. It's not my fault, after all!

Guilt is probably something that all Moms struggle with, no matter how unreasonable. After the kids are all down for the night, you start wondering: "They did not get enough time to play today" or "I didn't make them help around the house enough"; "I didn't feed them enough veggies today" or "I wonder if so-and-so's tummy hurt because I let them eat too much corn on the cob"; "I should have sat down and played with the kids more instead of cleaning" or "They will all grow up to be slobs because I didn't clean enough today". Basically, it's a lose-lose situation, so don't even go there. Do what you can and relax, knowing that kids are happy just to have you home with them, and that God thought you were the perfect parent when he gave them to you. If you read the Bible to them today and prayed with them, you got the most important part of child-rearing done. If they had clean clothes and healthy food, that's great. A bath in the evening? - you are wonder woman!

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  1. ugh.....you have cranky babies that need constant holding too??............sigh of relief....thank God!!!!!!!!(if you read my latest post on xanga you'll know what I'm talking about!


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